Saturday, January 31, 2009

Election Fever Rising Once Again

Members of the People's Majlis like to self style themselves 'honorable'. But 'honorable' could today be the last word people think of while referring to members of this supposed to be August body. Their public esteem appears to have taken a nosedive when they decided to hike their salaries several fold through a self vote. The Majlis's decision to take a holiday while important constitutional matters were pending before it did not help things. Neither did the recent debate on extending the lease tenure of tourist resorts. So what are the election prospects of the sitting members?

Today few people believe that any of the current members have any certainty of winning. The members themselves appear to share this sentiment. Most sitting members are abandoning their traditional atolls and moving to safer seats. Ali Mohamed (Noonu), Ibu (Lhaviyani), Ahmed Mohammed (Lhaviyani), Thasmeen (Baa), Shahid (Vaau), Afeef (Thaa), Modi and Maseeh (Gnaviyani) and Shareef (Seenu) are among the few who have so far announced their candidacy for their original constituencies.

The election scenario as it stands now shows the ruling party MDP ranged against former President Gayoom's DRP. In the choice of candidates the two parties appear to be adopting opposing philosophies. DRP has given preference to former government bigwigs and their families. Their list includes former ministers Mausoom, Hamdhun, Shahid and Thasmeen. Former President Gayoom's son Ghassan and Thasmeen's family members are also contesting the elections.

On the other hand, the ruling MDP has preferred ordinary persons close to the electorate. These candidates may not be rich and famous nationally, but they are quite popular in their own constituencies.

As of today, it's too early to predict the outcome of this contest between two opposing philosophies. Watch this space.


Ameen said...

I would advise all Maldivians to go against MDP candidates and vote whose ever educated and has credentials in other parties and individual candidates.

You might wonder why?? Yeah Its because they have failed, we don't need to do a research on that. Ask yourself how hard time you guys are going through.

These people are just ruining the whole economy and society and the laws in the name of governing.

Think about future and don't give your vote to the current government and failed MP's.

Think about your loving NATION, think about yourself and the family.

Vote to rescue the Nation.

Anonymous said...

rashu meedhalah rashu kanthah engey nee dho.

Anonymous said...

To Ameen, isn't it too early to label MDP guys as failures? Actually many of them are new to government; so they will take time to learn the ropes.

Anonymous said...

I fully support what Ameen has highlighted in his comment and also I wud like to ask anonymous 9:20pm on Jan31 that can MDP be excused from being new to the government while they have been doing every sorts of home work and research on how to free Maldives and its people from the grip of Maumoon for last five or more addition, during the presidential election eve they were actively busy enough spreading flavoury coated messages and slogans that the moment they come to power, everything will change for the better just like that as if they have the magic lamp of alladdin.this is why people so quickly succumbed to the tricky tactics of mdp. During the campaign they never said, not even once, that maumoon has ruined this country and it will take time to restore and bring the situation back in order. Rather they have made to believe that they are the saviours and the rest are reality what is happening is that they are more hunger for unlimited authorities with limited or no responsibilities. i feel so sorry for the people of this nation who voted mdp.