Saturday, March 14, 2009

Serious Allegations against Former Ministers

Dhivehi Observer (DO) has exposed alleged unexplained payments from the Defense Ministry to former ministers Hamdhun and Ahmed Nazim. ( ) Many people believe that if these ‘special expenditures’ were actually made, they could have had something to do with the violent mobs that attacked political gatherings. So far, the concerned ministers have made any no denials. This has led to further speculation.

The following is a chronology of events that occurred around the time the alleged payments were made. This blog wishes to make it very clear that this chronology does not in any way suggest or claim that the events mentioned have any relationship to one another.

30 April 2005: MDP Chairman Mohamed Nasheed arrives in the Maldives from his self exile, to strengthen party activities. On arrival in Male his entourage was attacked by thugs near IGMH.

4 May 2005: Hamdhun Hameed (allegedly) receives Rf 110,000 from the Defense Ministry for undisclosed ‘special’ expenditure.

6 May 2005: Thugs go on rampage in Esjehi Gallery and Al Fresco, and threatening the owners with dire consequents if they continue to serve MDP Chairman and his supporters.

8 May 2005: Authorities erect floodlights to prevent MDP from gathering at West Park area.

12/13 August 2005: Reformists plan prolonged rally in Republic Square to mark the first anniversary of Black Friday rally . Thugs disrupt rally.

16 August 2005: Ahmed Nazim (allegedly) receives Rf 20,000 from the Defense Ministry for undisclosed ‘special’ expenditure.


Anonymous said...

How do you know these documents are real and not fake ones?

Anonymous said...

How do you know these documents are real?

Abdullah Waheed's Blog said...

Answer to the question, "How do you know these documents are real?"

I don't know if they are real and I don't think many people know the truth. But because of the serious nature of the allegations, the Defense ministry and the concerned people should perhaps clarify the situation. The payments, if any, could very well be perfectly legal.

Nazeer said...

The documents looks to me quite real! what a shame! if this is the real case,... believe the psychological impact and the effects on the society at large have had setbacks resulting to the loss of self confidence of the people and self esteem that has effected the progress of the concerned party responsible.

Anonymous said...

Please check whether some people in power such as those named here were in fact actively involved in organising gangs in Male', did they not get lists of drug addicts and convicts who were on house arrest organised into foot soldiers of this regime so that they could go and engage in assault and arson? There are a number of people who were even trained to lead these gangs, obviously they needed money for all this. The funny thing is thye are still doing it, and now since their bubble have burst they dont mind violence reaching its extreme form. Investigate.

Anonymous said...

Nice disclaimer - that the events in the chronology and the alleged payments did not have any link..

I am sorry to say.. I think you have lost your sense of impartiality.. but then again.. I suppose it should have been expected

Anonymous said...

Why dont you ask your best buddy Ahmed Abdulla anout his corruption. He is allegedly taken WHO funds and sent students to study MBBS in a miserable medical college in Armenia where the quality of education was low standard and yet he refused to bring the students home and finally when Higher Education MInistry asked them to come they ahve already wasted 2 years of their life. This is more in monetary terms for the government as well as for the students. He again sent students to Mysore when he was Environment minster and said to students ot to complain about their studies. He also is alleged to have taken money from these institutions. Anyaways his sons and daughters got the best so who cares if the rest of the people and their kids get trash. Ask that guy to get ready for a court case soon regarding this and get ready to pay in millions for the years the students were made to waste just becasue he and his partners got a big cut of money. we know lot of foul play by these former ministers.They have run a buisness cartel on our money for 30 years on the blessings of Maumoon. I know you wont publish this comment, but wanted to let you know your buddy whom you so loyally campaign for Hdh seat is just as corrupt as others.

Abdullah Waheed's Blog said...

To anonymous 1:20 am,
If your allegations of massive corruption are true, where is the property he acquired during his ministerial days? Where are the resorts and company shares? As for training, more people owe their degree level education to him than any other minister during the last 30 years. The same is probably true of physical infrastructure development. As for his mistakes, let the courts judge.

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you. He is praised to be the best minister in the past regime. He has done more than anyone else and his services for the health sector is immense. I think he is very good in finding cheaper options for training as there is very little money and he wants more people to get the chance.But no one is perfect I suppose.

Anonymous said...

Ahmed Abdulla was a kaathib(clerical junior). But the guy was lucky . He was kaathib to Maumoon when he was a minister under Nasir.Gayoom liked him.They had a very,very close relationship.He promoted him and soon was made ambassador in Colombo.That time thousands of people were sent by the Govt to Colombo for treatment.Ahmed Abdulla took so much for himself he became a millionaire.He sent his children for higher studies to UK and he built his multi storey house in Male'. His wife sent nice homemade puddings and sweets to Nasreena,first lady.His newspaper was also funded by Gayoom.He was a coorrupt man but you must give the devil his due. He ran the health service well. The many graduates and infrastructure both in Male' and in the Atolls and other health statistics prove this. Ahmed Abdulla was not formally educated bbbut he was one of Gayoom's best ministers. And Gayoom also knew that.Even after nearly 15 years as minister, Gayoom did not sack him. Ahmed Abdulla left ship because being the clever man that he is , he knew the Gayoom ship was sinking.