Sunday, July 19, 2009

Drugs: The Doomsday Scenario

Within the next two to three years, two out of every three students in grades 8 – 10 will use some form of illicit drug, Vice President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has predicted, based on the findings of recent surveys –findings that reveal drug addiction among children as young as 9 years.

He made this statement at a function in Dharubaarugé Sunday night to mark the 119th anniversary of Maldives Customs Service, where he called on the Customs Service to continue to play their role in controlling drug trafficking into the country, stressing that no other institution has a bigger role in this endeavor. He assured customs officers that the government would provide its full support and cooperation.

Dr. Waheed said that inspection of the vast open areas surrounding the country would not be an easy task. He understood the difficulties they face in controlling the checkpoints and appreciated their diligent work, he said.


MZM said...

I urge parents to be more vigilant with their children. It is a blessing to be a parent, but it is also a great responsibilty and we should never forget it. Just feeding them and sending them off to school is simply not good enough.

Anonymous said...

So,Doc Waheed Hassan, looks like your Government is failing to close the "gates" thru which drug enters the country. the problem, you predict will go from bad to worse.Broken promise of MDP Govt.

Anonymous said...

Now Anni, Waheed and co. will say that the gates are so wide that it would be impossible to close. So we'll just contend with arresting one of two drug barons. What do they care if the streets of Male' resemble a zombie movie? Groups of the walking undead on each street corner. They've taken away our money, they've taken away our possessions, next they will take away our very lives!

Mohamed Naahii said...

Parents need to be more careful about their kids since the drugs used in Maldives are very lethal and can have life long consequences.
I support this government's drug policy because atleast we are really seeing some action taken against these addicts and dealers. But still the tactics and policies need to be improved to get better results.
Also government needs to establish a effective rehabilitation system, otherwise i wonder how many will loose their fathers and other family members

Anonymous said...

@MZM - would be parents should have the choice to abort the fetus in unfortunate cases where the baby isn't wanted.
that way we save a baby from potential neglect (which we all know will have severe consequences).

here again we have the chance to better ourselves by advocating secularism. but why start being sensible now huh?

MZM said...

@Anony 9:18AM
We do have the chance to better ourselves. But as soon as someone starts talking logic or common sense or compassion or equality *gasp*, they are labelled as anti-Islamic. Religious extremists would then call for their death, while the rest skulk away in case they are targeted.
Maldivians, have some guts for ****'s sake!

manaalmahdi said...


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