Saturday, August 1, 2009

Gayoom and his Unsolicited Advisors

Everyone seems to love advising former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom on how he should conduct his life. The most popular pieces of advice are: stepping down from DRP leadership, leaving active politics and migrating abroad. The latest to join the list of Gayoom's unsolicited advisors is Nirja Deva, the European Union parliamentarian of Sri Lanka Tamil origin.

Mr. Deva advised the former President "it would be better for him to remain as a respected statesman like former presidents of other countries," Miadhu Daily reports. While speaking at a news conference in Dharubaaruge on Wednesday, he said "as the former President knows the international community very well, he can use his knowledge to seek advantage for Maldives at various international economic or environmental forums."

If one analyses individual pieces of advice Gayoom is receiving one would notice certain common factors. Firstly, most advisors have hitherto not been Gayoom's best friends and in fact many have been his avowed opponents till they suddenly decided to turn advisor. Mr. Deja himself had a rather lukewarm relationship with Gayoom when he was President.

Secondly, most suggestions appear to be of such a nature that if Gayoom accepts them, it would make life easy for his opponents. For example, the suggestion for him to leave active politics would remove from the scene a leader who still has the support of a significant share of the electorate. Similarly the suggestion for him to step down from DRP leadership could spark a succession war, weakening the party at a critical juncture.

So whose best interests do the advisors have in mind, Gayoom's or their own?


Anonymous said...

So there is absolutely no life for DRP withouth Gayoom? Is that what you are saying? What do they do when he dies?

Anonymous said...

On Maumoon:
Maumoon is a joke, 30 years rule and he still wants to run for president.

My Opinion on Maldivians:
Majority Maldvians are idiots.

My Theory of it:
Living in a well of make-believe-competent handful of jealous-neurotic-depressed-suppressive Maldivians make one's brain shrink
to the size of a pea.

And those are the people who support Maumoon. I won't be surprised if he gets a Majority again.

Honestly I'm sick of not only Maumoon, but this Country too.

Anonymous said...

Once Maumoon leaves the scene there is no opponent who can challenege the ruling party.All have been decimated,including business tycoon buruma.And looking at the advisors all are beneficiaries if MDP continues to rule for another 30 years.People were fooled in the name of democracy so that interests of certain individuals and friends and family can weild power just like the old man.Howevere no one can deny the old mans contribution to development of this nation.Not supporting MDP doesnt make Maldivians idiots

Anonymous said...

I disagree with you..if he leave the maldivian politics..Maldivian young leaders could start booming! Its the dead tree thats shadowing the sun from booming the new trees!

Anonymous said...

What do you say about Kutti Nasheed who also was of the opinion that Maumoon must resign from DRP leadership? Kutti is also an opponent of Maumoon even though it was him who single handedly defended Maumoon when everyone deserted him or stabbed him in the back like Dr. Hassan Saeed & his Team.

Anonymous said...

Mr Deva is a true friend of MDP. He always thinks what is best for MDP.Removing Gayoom from Maldives politics will be a huge bonus to MDP. There will be big fighting for DRP leadership. Thasmeen,Ghassan,Maybe Yaameen,perhaps Nasheed (ex info minister).etc.
My advice (unsolicited) is Gayoom should hang on as party leader until atleast Council elections. Then while he is leader steer DRP towards a consensus leader to stop infighting. Gayoom failed to identify a leader to succeed him as President . So,what he could not do in 30 years time, whether he can do now will be his biggest challenge.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree that, we have to make this Maumoon guy irrelevant in our political landscape, as many of the analysts are saying. After being at the helm of this country for over thirty bloody years, he still isn't satisfied. I guess it is reflective of the insatiable cravings of the homo sapiens. Seriously, this Gayoom man is sick to the core!! He definitely needs help. Can somebody please help him to press Shift F1, please....

Anonymous said...

dr waheed, why don't you step down, after all you know that you have failed us in all area's of the so called drug problem, give me an answer for the delay in catching the 3rd drug dealer? is that you people are giving these drug dealers time to get away? like the previous regime did? or is that police incompetent if so why not MNDF you know very well the public is begging for this, please stop talking and giving speech on drug "vabaa" we all know thats this is a vabaa or ... we need action? please deputy plus commission member.. title is nothing please serve the country and save this country

Mauloof Ahmed said...

Hello Dr abdhullah Waheed

You have been chosen as one of the active bloggers in maldives.

Anonymous said...

Great leaders are born ,they live and , leave a legacy when they are no more.No one is divine but we can learn from the lives of leaders who are alive today.
If some people mistakenly believe that Qayoom can be side lined so easily and with all this patronizing talk then they are sadly mistaken.He knows that he still has a lot of support.He know that a lot of people will now fondly remember the transformation he brought during his eventful career.He doesnot need advice from hypocrites like Nirja Deva.Neither any crocodiles tears to fool him.As we know he gave a political platform to many of those whom we see today in politics.Few of it deserving and quite a lot undeserving.Still it was his generosity and even those who cry foul very well know about this.
Now Qayoom is better off in a way.Out or political power now he must have judged his true friends.
For Anonymous at 11.42 I would like to say that you are probably among the idiots that you mentioned but its not the majority in this country but a few of them
like you who cannot even fathom the ground realities of this society.In labelling the majority of this country as idiots you have perhaps exposed your own inablility to judge the reality or are you comparing the intelligence or life style found in this country to some other place?If I may correct you let me say that life styles may differ, beliefs may be entirely different,values may have conflicts,the youth may be in a period of transition , the government may occasionally change hands and be governed by inexperienced and incompetent(? like in the Maldives of the present times) but a majority of the people will never be idiots.One more thing.Your so called theory sheds some light into your way of thinking.I should say perhaps the writings of a very disturbed mind perhaps done in a bout of depression or probably with the after effects of some addcitive substance and who is this person to make judgement on the population in general?
Pea sized brain is an occasional phenomenon but a pollen sized one is just too pathetic.
All those who are sick of this country are most welcome to leave but are there any takers ??

Abdullah Waheed's Blog said...

To Anon 3:12 pm,
Thanks for the advice to step down from drug control. The advice is too late by 2 and half years as I submitted my resignation from that in February 2007 and have been out of that area since.

Do you think there are only 6 drug smugglers in the Maldives? That's a laugh. There are dozens and dozens of them.