Thursday, June 23, 2011

MDP does not have any factional fights, or does it?

Two weeks back MDP Chairperson Mariya Didi resigned and Party President Dr. Ibrahim Didi promptly assigned Deputy Chairperson Imthiyaz Fahumy to temporarily discharge the functions of the Chairperson. Then all of a sudden, there was a meeting of the Party National Council, which ousted Imthiyaz and appointed hardliner Reeko Moosa Manik as ‘temporary’ (for one year) Chairperson. Reeko promptly announced major policy changes for the internal working of the Party. Despite all these happenings, both Dr. Didi and Reeko insist that there is no factional fighting within MDP. Really?

The drama raises eyebrows for several reasons. For one, how did the National Council (which meets rarely) hold a meeting so suddenly? Who organized it? More importantly who organized the booing against Imthiyaz’s chairing the meeting? Why was Reeko selected for the post when he himself is a candidate for the permanent post of Chairperson? Who gave the mandate to temporary Chairperson to take major policy decisions, while sidelining an elected Party President?

Three years back, former MDP president Dr. Munavvaru told the media that no one can fill the post of MDP President unless he is willing to remain the puppet of party supremo Mohammed Nasheed. One thing is certain. MDP Presidents have been short-lived, be it Ibrahim Ismail or Munavvaru. Only time will tell how long Dr. Didi survives.

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