Monday, December 29, 2008

Do you trust the Majlis to act responsibly?

Among the three powers of the state, parliament has the singular role of representing the people. So if the parliament – or People’s Majlis in the Maldives context – does not enjoy the confidence of the people, its locus standi becomes shaky.

The role of People’s Majlis came to sharp focus when it recently decided to take a recess while important legislation was pending before it regarding the general elections slated for February. The Commissioner of Elections, among others, has deplored this move saying it could jeopardize holding the elections within the constitutional deadline, possibly throwing the country into a constitutional void.

People are also concerned at the composition of the current Majlis, with its disproportionately high representation of people with direct and indirect interests in the tourism industry. These concerns are particularly acute at this time because of another piece of legislation currently before the Majlis – that to extend resort release to 50 years. Perceiving a conflict of interest in this issue, some are of the opinion that an issue such as resort lease, which would affect even future generations, must be decided through a referendum rather than a simple majority vote in the Majlis.

A salary of 62,000 rufiyaa and a total take home package of about 100,000 rufiyaa may be quite reasonable from the point of view of the many business magnates in the Majlis. However, from the point of view of the average Maldivian whose take home pay averages less than 5000 per month, it may appear a bit excessive, particularly considering the working hours.

In a democracy, the parliament is supposed to act as a watchdog over the other two powers. Conversely those two are supposed to similarly keep an eye over the parliament. This is theory. The question is does this work in the Maldives context?


Anonymous said...

I was watching parliament live on TV and was shocked to see how immature and selfish they are and dont care a hoot to the public.The only thing they know to talk about is past regime and waste time.I call upon the whole public to denounce them and vote this irresponsible jokers out,especially that reeko guy.
And reminds me of that wine sipping Christian friendly preesidents party playing double games in parliament.

Anonymous said...

Let Majlis members take leave and hope they stay on leave forever. Hope the Supreme Court rules the current Majlis void after 1st March 2009. Let us hope President Nasheed and the Elections Commission work out some way of holding elections with the blessing of the Supreme Court.
I will vote for any member who campaigns to vote for a pay cut for Majlis members.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many members would retain their seats if there is a provision allowing anytime a vote of noconfidence from their constituents in the islands. this could be in the form of a petition or local referendum. This is one method to make these do-nothings accountable.
Another thing, why do we need 74 of these. Are they reprsenting ethnic nationalities, religions, sexual orientations, fat, short and long communities..
what a kleptocracy we live in..

Shihab said...

This Majlis has been irresponsible and corrupt all along... It is such a shame and sad affair for the people of Maldives...

Anonymous said...

The biggest joker of them all is, I agree Reeko. He thinks that Majlis is like one of his Hindi copycat film. When he starts to act in Majlis I wonder where Mariyam Nisha is. Remember the song 'Mahunaa gothakun.....'
And that safari coat Ali waheed. Can someone tell him the Government has changed. This is Another Raajje.And does anyone know whethere he ever was in love with Nasreena?

Anonymous said...

Anni is dishonest.He says he wants general elections as per the timetable in the constitution.But his party members including MDP parliamentary leader, Hassan Afeef voted for recess. Most of Anni's appointed boys also did not vote to keep Majlis going.His boys later claimed on national TV , they were confused due to the antics of the Speaker.I totally agree they my be confused. because most of them generall are on permanent highs, anyway. But my belief is this time they voted knowingly 'hama hey ga thibegen'. They were following their instructions.
And look at at that joker grand mother MP Maria. What anact! Pretending that she is agaist the Majlis recess and denouncing Speaker Shihab on TV. This is part of thr Anni game plan.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous who posed a question.
Yes Ali waheed had a big crush on Nasreena. She chose Maumoon. Ali Waheed never recovered. He is still trying.The safari coat he wears is also a way to woo Nasreena. She just loves safari jackets.

Anonymous said...

Very nice indeed I’ll probably download it. Thanks.