Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Violent gangs: Do they come from another planet?

The scenario is all too familiar. A young boy is walking down the street. A group of boys emerge out of nowhere and pounce upon him with sharp knives. Maimed and bleeding the boy makes and attempt to run, falls and collapses. They disappear into nowhere. Its only after they make good their escape, there is any mention of any bystanders, whose role it is to transport the wounded body to the hospital, to be declared dead.

The above description of the death of Samir in Henveiru two days back will fit almost any gang death reported in Male during the last few years. In any of the accounts what is not reported is more striking than what is reported: What was the motive for the attack? Did the victim have a history of gang activity? How and why were these rival gangs created? Is there anyone who sponsors them?

It appears that nobody knows the answer to any of these questions. In fact the parents of the suspected attacker were also not aware of the activities of their son. His mother was so shocked to hear about his involvement in the attack that she has been unconscious since hearing the news, Miadhu Daily reports.

Nobody appears to be interested in doing any research or even find out anything about the gang scene. Will this help or worsen the situation?


Anonymous said...

No!They are the Maldivians,product of selfish and lazy Maldivian parents and a corrupt regime strengthened in their covert policy to wipe out this Nation,helped by educated Maldivians.
You ask me why I blamed parents.Beacuse they simply dont want accept that their children can do wrong,resulting in them becoming criminals.If arrested they go and plead with President for clemency and he pardons them for votes.No child in Maldives can do wrong.They are pampered with expensive clothing n accessories clouding their mind in the growing up years.They are not taught any character building traits during school years because most of the teachers there are for quick money.Hence comes out a product misguided and with no goal in life and gets trapped in the murky world played by our slefish politicians for their gains.
Politicians or to be very specific the last 30 yrs, youngsters had people like Hindi film stars to look upon and some footballer from Europe.Hence schools had their prime importance on teaching children dance and shake their asses(no wonder we have highest rate of premarital sex)and play on the grounds till late night.So what do we have.The result is we heavily depend on imported people to build our nation.Obviously they r their to make a quick buck,not to develop this nation.
Then the eduacted or so called elite people.After getting a degree of course financed by govt, most of them chose to stay abroad for their selfish gains.Their conscinece dosnet bite if they rnt serving their people, encouraged bu high ups in govt.
One man selflessly stood up but once he reached their what we are seeeing is he likes to make our Palace a mortuary and the jails are his favorite place to spend a holy Eid.My God this is insane.
Pls wake up all of you for the sake of this nation and say bye to all these crooks during parliamen elections.Dont vote for anyone who has connection to a resort owner.. to be continued

Anonymous said...

Unless a kin of a high ranking person/official becomes a victim, no notice will be taken by any authority of these crimes.

Anonymous said...

why don't the authorities take rigid action and start telecasting more information about characters of murders (people who have it in them or would have the tendency to slice n dice), whether young or old. All this became worst after that 'rubberey' character escaped without any charges, thts whts on the street, "he did it, why cant we". Our society is lame we are in a slum. What would anyone expect other than gud ol murders and thefts in a society like this. We are made this way, we end it out this way.

Mujey said...

Looks like the government, media, most opposition parties and the law enforcement authorities are crippled with the public when it comes to gang violence.

Anonymous said...

It is really disheartening that violent crimes continue unabated in Male and there are many questions that need to be answered.
(1)Does the Police have a clear idea of how many different gangs operate in Male.
(2)Who are the big fish behind these gangs who motivate and finance them?
(3)Does the government have any desire to deal with the juvenile delinquency that increased in leaps and bounds in recent years and that is now threatening the very fabric of our society.
(4)Is it the best practise for the government to be so much concerned about the human rights of a handful of common criminals and repeat offenders and prematurely release them without giving any serious thought to the potentially dangerous consequences this can cause to the society.
(5)Doesnt the people of this country have any right to live in peace anymore or infringing on their rights is considered normal these days?
(6)Isnt this high time that some high ups in the Police get into the act and take tough measures to arrest some of these criminals who are roaming around so freely.
Whatever it is one thing is for sure.These criminals dont come from any other planet.They are able to have a free ride just because the government(this and the previous)have a hitherto unexplained soft corner for these criminals to the extent that one wonders if those given the task of stopping crime are themselves criminally inclined.

Shiham said...

This will worsen things i guess. I was a close friend of Samir and his family! (although i did not see him in last one and half year).
I was shocked to hear abt his brutal death.
how far this would go, no one knows, but it seems revenge attacks are on the horizon.

good to have a post abt this. We need awareness protests against gang violence and deaths. This is gone out of our hands and govt needs to attend urgently to this.

asknaim (naimbé) said...

"What was the motive for the attack? Did the victim have a history of gang activity? How and why were these rival gangs created? Is there anyone who sponsors them? It appears that nobody knows the answer to any of these questions."

Really? I have very serious doubts about this. The truth is quite a lot of us know the answers to all of these questions. The problem is we either dont have the balls to admit that we do or it is in the interest of some influential people among us to pretend that we dont know.

Anonymous said...

i wonder what the police, AG and prosecutor general(now that we have one) are doing? unless the perpetrators of this crime are found out and prosecuted, ( death penalty for a death)nothing will change.