Sunday, April 12, 2009

How Genuine are the Candidates?

No one has so far said they are standing for the election because of the 62,000 rufiyaa salary. We don’t even expect them to admit it, but at least for some candidates the salary must be a big issue. It’s really a funny situation. The candidates as well as the voters know that election promises will remain just that: promises and nothing else.

Most candidates claim their reason for standing for a particular constituency is because they know the place well. However, in most cases the truth is that the candidate lives in Male and has no contact with the home island except for occasional visits during the Eid Holidays. The real reason to choose the constituency could more likely be to take advantage of the presence of relatives in the island.

When a candidate is asked what they will do for the constituency, they usually come up with long lists of projects including schools, harbors and resorts. Realistically speaking Majlis members will have no direct influence on decisions to build such infrastructure, since they come under the purview of the executive branch of the state.

Few candidates appear to concentrate on the actual role of Majlis members and their realistic contribution to the process. But if the voters are happy with what the candidates say, who are we to complain?


Anonymous said...

every people deserve the leaders they get.

Stewie said...

Very True! I decided to not vote in this election, then as soon as candidates were announced, i started getting calls from relatives to vote a certain person. They come up with sad stories and use it to indirectly force me to vote. The guy is from our home island, almost whole his life spend in Male' like you said on occassions such as Eid he visits Island. He is from the ruling family of the island.
Most of the islanders would vote for him, just because he is from the same soil, BUT is he? I have talked to his relatives and its nothing more than Majlis salary they are interested in. I mean it does not require rocket science to figure this one out you know. Why would some one spend millions to sit in Majlis except for personal gain. Its a huge business out there now! i wonder how state will finance all these 70+ seats?

Anonymous said...

you are absolutely right STEWIE. we really can't afford to finance these 70+ seats. we wanted a change. not a change for the worse. the seats must be cut below 40.

Anonymous said...

The seats must be cut and the salary also has to be cut.When we see the number of incompetent candidates appearing in this election we come to realize how unprepared we are as a country to have a legislature of this size.It is a colossal waste of money to be spend on mostly corrupt legislators.( over 750000) in a year when most of the people live in dire conditions and even the world economy itself doesnot look so bright.All these election promises are just empty talk.Many of these candidates cannot even build a simple mosque in their constituency so forget about the harbours etc that they are promising.However one thing is very clear.Those who get elected will have five years of fat pay that they dont mostly deserve and this is after all money that could be spend on better purposes.This is what happens when a country gets filled with corrupt self centred politicians who dont get the priorities right and they should never be let loose like this unchecked.

Hilath said...

I am also now more or less decided that I don't want to vote in this election.

This is different from a Presidential elections where we can all collaborate to kick out a particular person (as how it happened during the last Presidential elections).

The Parliamentary elections is in a way such that since we are voting for 70+ candidates, this Parliament could well turn out to be another monster we can't control, a monster who lavishes astronomical salaries on itself.

Therefore, I don't want to be part of establishing of this monster. It's better not to vote.

Though I am an MDP supporter, recent events have made me very disillusioned with the party and its members, and I am now not sure what Anni wants to really achieve by gaining a parliamentary majority for MDP.

Sure he claims that it will be easy to deliver MDP's pledges if MDP has a parliamentary majority, but the fact that his government has done so many unconstitutional things, not to mention turning a blind eye to restrictions on press freedom, child abusers having their heyday, gender-based violence out of control, etc, is not convincing me that Anni will be able to control everything and deliver justice even if MDP gains a majority in Parliament.

Sure Anni can claim that solving the housing problem will largely solve all the social issues but I disagree: yes, it may largely solve many issues, but I don't think any one single issue is the cause of all other problems.

So now I am not quite sure what Anni really wants with an MDP Parliamentary majority.

Anonymous said...

are you just stupid or you choose not to see daylight>??
MP candidates spend in millions to get to the majlis and if you think they are worried about 62000 then you are f**ken retarded!!!

Anonymous said...

to anon 3.42, what is the great daylight you only seeing? candidates spending millions for pure love for poor brothers? Ha ha!!!They are all want in it for money. salary alone is 3.7 million rufiyaas for 5 years. what abt health and abroad travel in green passport? what about the millions they will get in other 'favours' and jobs for relatives? what abt resort deals.

Hilath said...

agree with anony 4:15:

I know one candidate who has now spent almost Rf20 million!

Unbelievable but as the above anony pointed out, it's not just the Rf60,000 per month that is at stake here. There's more to that in a parliament seat.

Anonymous said...

10 reasons why you would want to contest a seat for the parliament in the upcoming elections:

1- the fat salary and other unlimited benefits you will get as a member of parliament
2- the absolute power you will have and the enormous influence you can exert on issues of your personal, family, relation and business interests
3- the red passport you are entitled to posses
4- that you can be above the Constitution and the Laws of the Maldives
5- that you can not be tried in any court of law in the Maldives for things you would say during a majilis session
6- that you will be allowed to bring anything into Maldives because your luggage will not be checked at any ports in the Maldives
7- there is no way that you can be terminated or take any action against you regardless of your poor attendance.
8- that you will have unlimited freedom while in action.
9- that you will be entitled a minimum pension of Rf25,000 at the end of your term
10- that you will still be the “izzaiytheri memberu” and “rayyithunge khaadhimu” despite all your actions

Anonymous said...

Dr Waheed
I propose that we start a campaign
a) To harmonize Majlis salaries to 30000 maximum. 45000 if they get reelected. Campaign for holding a public referendum on this
b)Campaign for a law that will make an MP lose his/her seat immediately if more than 2/3rds of his constituency submit a petition citing loss of confidence
That should keep them on their toes.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable.What a better way for a largely incompetent person to spend the rest of his life in relative security and comfort and that too long after he is elected out of office as a member of the majlis.The way these things are made no one will ever trust the dishonourable and greedy members of our majlis.Now look at some of those contesting for this election.People who have no past history of public service,few who has education upto 5 th standard,convicted drug dealers and smugglers, a relatively unknown doctor whose only concern was to convince a live audience that he is doctor when given the chance to prove his mettle, etc etc... and those who want to protect these people( obviously for personal gains) cry foul and say that they are as innocent as new born babies.On top of these members can increase their salaries whenever they want without giving any consideration to the ill effects on the national treasury.Now all of a sudden it seems that a largely ignorant or indifferent public is once again being taken for the ride of their lives by this curious amalgam of funny characters and conmen whose only aim is to fool others for personal gain.Wonder when the public will finally learn and decide to teach them a lesson or perhaps many are just resigned to their fate when they really dont have any worthwhile candidates to choose from.

Anonymous said...

I will support candidates who will vote for MP pay cuts. And reducing number of MPs. No more than 50 members.