Sunday, April 5, 2009

Why should you vote in the election?

Majlis candidates have come up with a wide range of reasons why they think you should vote for them. Here is a selection of some of the more popular reasons (among the candidates). Let's go through them to see if you can find a reason good enough to make you take the walk to the polling booth.

Visiting the constituency at 2 to 3 month intervals: This is a very popular promise in candidate manifestos. Ostensibly it is to learn the concerns of the people. This promise will be fulfilled for Male constituencies (for obvious reasons), but islanders will be lucky if they see their member once in 6 months.

Reducing salary to about 50% or donating the salary to constituency: Another very popular reason. This is going to be the first broken promise. Mark my words. You will never hear about this promise after the election.

Quran teacher and religious lectures: No manifesto will be complete without using the religious card.

Embroidery and tailoring courses for women: This promise simply has to be there. How can chauvinists hide their true colors?

Reporting back parliamentary proceedings to constituency: An elaboration of the first promise. Is this really necessary when the Majlis is shown live on TV?

Raising issues in the Majlis: This is a promise every candidate will love to fulfill. Who can resist the temptation of acting in the biggest 'Kasauti' in town?

Maintain good attendance record: Easier said than done.

Establishing a club house in Male for constituents: This is my favorite reason. If anyone promises a club house for Henveyru South constituents behind Dharubaaruge, my vote goes to him/her.

Helping government achieve its agenda: This is the ruling party reason for choosing their candidates.

Holding the government accountable: The opposition party reason.


Anonymous said...

Superb on promises but lacking in real performance.This may perhaps be the easiest way to describe the present day politicians of the Maldives.Now some people may just wonder why so many people have joined the bandwagon of wannabe parliamentarians.A desire to serve the people?A genuine sympathy to uplift the miserable living conditions of some of their constituents?Bring about justice and equality to the people?Establish a decent decorum and civility to a majlis filled with people no better than street thugs?
To fulfill a life long desire to practise ones exceptional abilities as an orator?Bring about discipline to the wayward youth of the country?Protect the values of islam?
Sadly none of these.Many of those contesting has no real contact with the really poor public whom they are promising to serve with such loud and at times uncouth voices.Some never bother to do regular prayers.Others are just here because they themselves are well known goons in their area or have past criminal or doubtful records.
However there is one big common factor above all of this.MONEY MONEY MONEY MONEY and then power too.A feeling of importance if selected.Then there is the possibilities of wheeling and dealing if elected and the possibility of getting rich too.
The way things are going we are certain to get a new majlis filled with sophisticated crooks and conmen.God help the public.:)

Anonymous said...

I am shocked at the number of gang leaders, drug dealers competing for Male seats. Only God can save us

Cute Dude said...

One of your most interesting posts. Humor and satire are the best of dozes to brighten up the day.

Anonymous said...

the reason y most guys are competing is the fat salary. but just see how they are lying through thier teath saying thery will cut it.

Anonymous said...

These promises are so pathetic. Better take the usual 1000 rufiyaa per vote and be done with it.

Shiham said...

I like the sense of humor in this post and at the same time very interesting and tru observation.

The problem with politics for me is, "the more money you have to advertise your post, the more votes' concept. and its the only with the current system. There is no doubt, its done for personal gain, whyelse would you spend millions of rufiya if not Dollar to sit in the parliment. There can not be human consideration or welfare of the society when the campagnes are so expansive and costly. The members need to get that money back and they will use the power of the seats.
Sadly we all know that and yet we vote, MOST of the time because a respected member of family has requested us:(
I have decided to not vote this election.

Anonymous said...

Have you always been so cynical Dr Waheed?..

Anonymous said...

Some of the promises may be genuinely made. but like former president gayoom says, if circumstances change then it may be difficult to keep the promises. This does not make the promises lies, as gayoom says.

Anonymous said...

I don't see any reason why we should vote in the parliamentary elections this time. As far as I am concerned, both opposition and the ruling iththihaadhu candidates are unfaithful and insincere to the people of this country. If they are sincere to the people, why are they struggling so hard to win the majority in the parliament, and accuse each other for would have done this and that if any party wins a majority.

ahlul haqqu said...

better not to vote