Friday, May 15, 2009

Drug Smuggler Sentenced to Life

Mohamed Wasood Bisthaami (38) the Sri Lankan national who smuggled 4 kg of Brown Sugar (heroin) into the Maldives on March 2008 was sentenced to life imprisonment by the Criminal Court on Thursday. This case involved one of the biggest drug hauls ever in the Maldives.

Bisthami along with his female accomplice Sameen Ummul Faumiyya (56) flew in from Islamabad via Dubai carrying the 15 million rufiyaa cache of the contraband in five packets hidden in false bottoms fitted to their trolley bags and suitcases. Maldives Customs Service officers nabbed them at Male' International Airport in a special operation.

In the meanwhile Faumiyya (see photo above) has jumped bail and fled the country.


Anonymous said...

i hope governmetn arrests the six ringleader asap. cartunes burned their warehouse with drugs

Anonymous said...

@anon 7:04, so all the evidence is now burnt. How sad. They must catch the other 5 drug dealers before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

most of the ring leaders are big business men. these ppl will sell their mothers and childrens for a buck. so far by destroying other children they can fulfill their greed. Pres nasheed what r u wating for. start arresting. and death penalty to them.

Anonymous said...

Now Anni says there aren't 6 ring leaders. He said it in a philosophical way, like we used to say 'ha ekka meehun' in Dhivehi. So guys, there won't be any arrests. Of course the president wasn't lying. He was just philosophical.

Anonymous said...

Could not stop laughing, all the drugs burnt? and no evidence now? oh boy, Maldives in 15th Century or are you living in 15th Century?

Anonymous said...

B***** was lying no macha? about those 6 drug lord.

No, b***** is trying to divert attention of the public by forming a bloody kangaroo court which has no legal authority. Now everyday they will pull Maumoon, Hameed, Yamin, blah blah, and people will get on to street, carnival time is back. None will talk about real issues, while people are on this the government will rape us.

Congrats mr President, you are smarter than Maumoon, or perhaps following the footsteps.