Sunday, May 10, 2009

Some Big Guns Misfire

Election 2009 has thrown quite a few surprises for a large number of big names in Maldives politics. According to the preliminary results announced so far, many veteran parliamentarians are on their way out of the Majlis. Some of them failed probably because they made wrong political decisions on party affiliation; others because they could not perform to expectations, while yet others simply because they were unlucky.

Perhaps the unluckiest is Ibrahim Ismail, who will best be remembered as the main architect of the current Constitution. He was ousted by the massive MDP wave that swept across Male. Ibra was simply unlucky to be pitted against MDP Chairperson Maria Ahmed Didi.

On the top of the list of those who made wrong decisions in their campaigns is Mohammed Ibrahim Didi (Mody). Despite being closely affiliated with the ruling MDP, he decided to fight his Fuahmulaku seat as an independent. In the end, he lost to MDP official candidate Shifaq Mufeedh (Histo).

Veteran Ahmed Abdullah also appears to have made a mistake in leaving DRP and fighting his Laamu Atoll seat on a Jumhoori Party ticket. He was swept aside by the rising tide of the DRP/PA wave in the atoll.

Ruling Coalition bigwigs ADK Nashid and Hassan Afeef surprised everyone by losing seats that were considered very safe till the results were announced. Their loss could perhaps be attributed to overconfidence.

Despite a very credible performance in the Majlis, Ibrahim Shareef (Mavoata) also lost his home seat this time. This could perhaps be because voters were not very happy with his tendency to change parties.

Voters appear to have rejected candidates who openly took advantage of their membership of the last Majlis to further their business interests. Similarly they also appear to have rejected those who have given valuable services to the Majlis in the distant past but are now obviously past their prime.

All in all, voters appear to have used their discretion very well to reject whom they rejected. An exception to this generalization would be Ibrahim Ismail.


Anonymous said...

I think the list should also include Shaheed Zaki - he was a formidable parliamentarian who ran as an independent and lost miserably to the MDP candidate. I believe this shows that at least in Male', people have firmly accepted party system and have moved away from personality politics. The fact that the MDP candidate for Machangolhi Dhekunu, Kubey or Kudey or whatever-his-name, won is a case in point. Had Shaheed Zaki chose to run for a constituency outside Male', then he had a much better chance of winning as an independent.

The elections also shows that there is no room for fringe parties in the Maldives. (PA is seen as part of DRP by the virtue of the fact that Yameen and Maumoon are seen as the same).

Ibra is downright silly to run against Mariya who has massive family support in the area (Much larger than Ibra's) leave alone the fact that she is MDP chair and enjoys massive MDP support.

It's a pity that these veteran parliamentarians will no longer be would be a loss to the nation (Perhaps with the exception of Mavota Shareef!).

Mohamed Naahii said...

I totally agree about what happened to Ibrahim Ismail. I feel really sad to see him go out of parliment. His valuable service and his honesty during his time will surely be remembered in our hearts, specially those who worked for reform and democracy. It is understood that it would be a tough challenge for him against Mariya but we also know that when he won the last parliment seat for male it was MDP who backed his candidacy. Since his desicion to work apart from the MDP, people started to feel a sense of weakness in his strong speeches at previous parliment. This sense was that he was not with a strong party instead he was representing a young party with its political foundation not so strong. It might have been this desicion that might have made the difference. I see no other reason for him to loose the support he had. Desipite loosing his seat in the parliment, I hope that Ibrahim Ismail would still continue his valuable service to the people. I wish him all the best in life and political career. As a citizen of this nation i wish to thank him for his contribution to establishing democracy and his service to the people and this country.

Anonymous said...

Afeef did not lose the election. He did not even want to contest. Anni persuaded him. Afeef wants to be Home Minister. By winning he cannot get this position. Now Anni will oblige. If he had won it was decided togive position to Shihab. Now Shihab will be appointed Attorney General.

Anonymous said...

Many guns misfired in this election.Some of them big, some of them pretended to be big and others were not so big but in anycase got a false label of being big.
Mavota Shareef: He must have lost because change in party did not go well with his constituents.Another factor may be his overconfidence .
Ibra: All the factors mentioned by other candidates apply to him.In addition he lacked the required charisma and some times make comments to offend the general public.For instance if 75% of the public makes a decision he thinks that they all are stupid.Such thoughts have cost him dearly.Now it is time for him to reflect.

Adhil: Adhils arrogant attitude didnot go well with the audience.During the TV debate he make very cheap comments and we see the result now.
Afeef: His frown and sly behaviour was a negative factor for him.
ADK Nashid: Some comments basically shown him a negative light.Basically as a man with a cheap mind and one who forgot his humble roots.
Ismail Shihab : Not a person who ever got the respect of the general public.A big stain on his illustrious family.No longer he lost to relative new commers.
Seena Zahir: His serious nature and and mask like demeanour didnot go well with the voters.
Shaheed Zaki: At times he was seen as confused and made remarks that contradicted his earlier views.
Adnan Haleem: Changed parties so rapidly that people got a wind of his true charachter.
Jabir: Money and overbearing attitude will not work well with the voters.
Ilyas: Maldivians wanted to keep a safe distance from those who play religious cards for personal gain.The electorate send a good message to the Mullahs.
Abdulla Latheef: Many in the Atoll started questioning his integrity.
Perhaps some others are there.Overall the public wanted a breath of fresh air in the majlis.Will they get it is a million dollar question since there are many who got in again due to the hatred they spread all around.May be the public wake up after another 5 years:)

Anonymous said...

to anon 1.47. Shihab cannot be made AG. He is not qualified for the job as per the Constitution of Maldives. Afeef could go into retirement. he is not educated to be made a minister.

MutThu said...

Some of the big shots who failed to defend their seat would be remembered for the valuable service they dedicated to the reform process.As u said voters appeared to have used their discretion very well to reject whom they rejected except Ibrahim Ismail. The key architect of the democratic constitition would be saluted and his leagcy in the reform will be remembered forever.

Anonymous said...

Who says Shihab is not qualified to be AG? Mohamed Shihab is the son of a former AG. His uncle was also AG. Many persons in his family were AGs in the past. That is enough education to be AG in tiny Maldives. In anycase there are paper qualified lawyers in AG office.Afeef does not have to win a beauty contest to be Home Minister. For example look at our President.At first we thought he looked utterly stupid. That his face is sweaty. That he has a drop of 'soni' about to drop. But now we have accepted him And he keeps growing on us. Infact the oily face etc now are attributes of being presidential. Even his language is now accepted by the majority.

Anonymous said...

I am a DRP member but I voted for Ibra. Because he is intelligent. talks sense and does not always tow the Govt line. He always took the side of right. And he was the best speaker in Majlis. Coherent,strong , witty clear..... We will surely miss him.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.20.

You have written about those who lost. Good comments but why beat people when they are down. And you don't become a smart person by doing that.

Why not comment about those who won better than expected like Yameen. What do you say.

Anonymous said...

What about Ahmed Abdulla?
He was winning the election because of Gayooms backing.Standing alone see what happened.A big fall and an indirect slap on the face.The voters also doubted the sincerity
of this man who was all praise for Qayoom in his hey day but left in a haste the moment he felt that government will change.At this time the public already judged him and see the result.

Anonymous said...

To Anon 5.01: It's the Constitution of Maldives that says Shihab is not qualified. Article 133 (a) says Attorney General must have "distinguished education" in the legal field. When his father and uncle were AG this requirement was not there. (But incidentally both adnan hussain and ibrahim shihab were Qaanoonee Vakeels, and thus quaified to practice law in Maldives courts. Even today some lawyers practicng in the courts have the same qualification as Ibrahim Shihab and Adnan)

Anonymous said...

The carnival begins in few days, Im told some new comedians will be seen this time. Get ready for the free ticket.

Anonymous said...

You seem to say Ahmed Abdulla is a BIG gun?
How and in which respect or aspect is big?

Please explain.

Anonymous said...

The candidate Ahmed Adhil( MDP) too behaved too arrogantly for his own good.He described in an almost religious tone that he was among the first 50 people who signed for the creation of MDP.Now it is not something as big as the Universal Declaration of Human rights.Except for those die hard supporters of MDP this has no real significance among the general public.More than half of the population infact see this as a creation of a new type of evil in the country whereby the age old core values of our society have been systemetically destroyed by those who support the ideals of the yellow brigade.Obviously Adhil too lost and failed to get the pulse of the people.

Anonymous said...

Ahmed Abdulla. Maumoon promoted him from a clerk to a minister.There was a time Ahmed Abdulla looked upon Maumoon as almost divine. Then when he knew Maumoon may topple he thought of his own survival. Nothing wrong with it.We are all programmed for self preservation.

Anonymous said...

Ahmed Abdulla is fondly referred to as the Bodu Dhaahilla. So, he is big.

Anonymous said...

To anon 10:42 and anon 11:58, aren't you getting a bit personal about Ahmed Abdulla. Be fair. He performed better than most of Maumoon's ministers.