Sunday, June 28, 2009

IGMH Spends Rf 849 to Serve 1 OPD Patient

IGMH spends an average of Rf 849 to serve each patient, Auditor General’s Report has revealed. We can assume that this figure will approximate the cost of an OPD consultation because over 95% of those served in IGMH are OPD cases according to the report. This is far above the average of RF 100 charged by the private sector for OPD consultation.

So IGMH will save considerable expenditure if it allows private doctors to come and practice in its OPDs. Even if the hospital pays 100 rufiyaa per consultation to the doctor, the hospital will still save more than 700 rufiyaa per consultation.

It is not that difficult to identify where IGMH’s wasteful expenditure goes. The Auditor General’s report highlights several areas: poorly planned building construction and modifications, purchasing unused machinery, poor maintenance of equipment, etc.

[Read the details of Auditor General’s Report (Dhivehi) click here.]


Zaki said...

We are not surprised. IGMH operates to serve the interests of its staff, not patients.

Anonymous said...

Just ask IGMH van driver to whose clinic he takes consumable items at night. Also ask him who releases these stuff from the stores and who authorizes them.

When those expensive machinery was ordered who got the quotations from abroad? Who approached local companies to put in bids and how was the profits divided among the two?

Anonymous said...

is there anyone in IGMH or Health Ministry who knows what is happening in IGMH

Anonymous said...

A good manager is needed for IGMH. someone who has the ability to organize things and streamline.

meekaaku said...

You hit where it hurts most. When the current government announced the privatization frenzy, lot of ppl claimed things like healthcare and utilities should be government run. That healthcare is a right and should be made affordable to low income ppl. True.

But what such ppl fail to address is HOW do we actually make things affordable. Charging 25/- for opd patient, yet actually costing 850/- is not really making things affordable. It is still the public that is paying that huge cost, though indirectly. All because of huge mismanagement.

Anonymous said...

confusing heading.

you suck.

Qadir said...

Short but very effective message. It hilights the extremely high expenditure and inefficency of IGMH.