Sunday, June 21, 2009

“Sir also did it to me”

The recent incident in Huvarafushi where a tuition teacher molested a 14-year-old boy highlights how often child abusers take advantage of their position as teachers, which automatically inspires trust especially if they teach certain respected subjects. But in this particular case the accused is a math teacher.

Mohamed Idrees, Saamaraage, Huvarafushi, allegedly took the 14 year old to his tuition center and lured him with porn videos before molesting him. According to the boy's family Mohamed had done this on four separate occasions.

Interestingly, this case might never have seen the light of the day if not for a protest march organized by Huvarafushi youth following another case of child abuse involving Hussein Naseer, a 21-year old van driver, who allegedly molested an 8-year old boy. After the march, the 14-year old got the courage to come out and say, "Sir also did it to me."


Anonymous said...

In any society where normal sexual desires are repressed there will be sexual abuse. Sex between consenting adults must be decrminalized to avoid child abuse.

Anonymous said...

Unless strict punishement is given child abuse will not stop. No need talking about it. We need action.

Anonymous said...

@ first 2 anonymouses.

be realistic. Child sexual abuse will not "stop" because crime will not stop.

and decriminalizing sex, while being a good step towards granting some of the most basic freedoms to the people, is not a solution to child sexual abuse. these pedophiles have sex with children because they want to have sex with children, not because they can't get vagina.

Anonymous said...

.. poverty is the fundamental issue.

but unfortunately there is no intention to address poverty.. if so Parliamenet would pass a tax bill.

Drugs and and abuse stems from poverty and hopelessness. Strange everyone speaks of freedom and democracy but not a wealth redistribution.

Anonymous said...

This is a sick society. What else do you expect?

Anonymous said...

Actually sexual abuse is more common in the western countries. People are just crticising us becasue we are pious Muslims who commit very few sins.

Fali said...

I'm so tired of all these excuses for child abuse.

Its because they are poor, its because they are on drugs, its because of hopelessness, its because they cant get free consensual sex from someone, etc etc etc.

If this the case then ALL poor hopeless sexually deprived drug addicts WILL molest children but they dont do they!!

Poor or not, on drugs or not its the people who want to abuse children, who are making a CHOICE to abuse a child that are committing these atrocities. So Stop the Excuses. These people need to be punished, and in my opinion they should be castrated!!

Anonymous said...

Suppression of natural human desires will lead to unnatural acts. I call upon Sheikh Bari to deliver a sermon next Friday allowing free sex between consenting adults is ok.