Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When a Mother Sexually Assaults her Son

Sexual practices among our supposedly pious community never fail to amaze or shock us. Take the recent case of a 41-year old woman assaulting her own 7-year old son to gratify herself sexually. And this happened in an appalling week in which another child abuse case –from Thoddoo –and a gang rape case were reported.

Some 'experts' have been claiming that the increase in such reported cases is because of more awareness and more reporting. This however may not be true. Crime reporting was much more complete in the past, particularly during the 70s and beyond, when it was near impossible to get away with a serious crime. Thus, it's more likely that the 'experts' are trying to cover up their own inaction.

It may not be out of place here to ponder on the type of moral education we give our youngsters. The mother would have entered school age in 1974, since she is now 41 years old. What have we taught or didn't teach since then to make her what she is?

[To read the details of the case click here]


Ali said...

Sexual abuse is common wherever there is sexual repression. Examples:
1. Boarding schools;
2. Catholic Churches;
3. Islamic schools in Pakistan;
4. In Punjab, where Sikh boys and girls are segregated;
5. In Saudi Arabia, where men and women are segregated.

Anonymous said...

Agree with comment at 8.59.

Sexual repression is the cause of perverted behavior among Maldivians including the recent media reporting on these issues.

I sometimes wonder if this is a political red-herring. Apart from Minivannews, there is not real reporting of hot political issues that seems to have consumed everything.

Anonymous said...

Sexual abuse cases will now again go up after Adhaalath Party and MDP signed agreement to cooperate. This really means more sexual repression by Government. More of the hateful Burugas.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Anni. Can we please allow brothels so that their sexual desires can be legally channeled.

mondae said...

do agree with Ali.

But i think the solution will not come unless we openly talk about this issue in the media, specially on TV and Radio.

Also it is imperative that we provide humane housing in this excuse of a country. When people are forced to live like ANIMALS then you can expect animalistic behaviours from them.period.

Anonymous said...

So why sexual abuse & rape is so common is Westen world?

Anonymous said...

Friday prayer sermons are also very sexually explicit. I am very embarrassed to listen to the sermon with my son sitting next to me in the Mosque.What is wrong with Maldives?The perverts of Adhaalat have to answer a lot.