Saturday, September 13, 2008

Know your candidates (1): Ibra

It may be a bit of exaggeration to compare Ibrahim Ismail (Ibra) to Dr. Ambedkar, the architect of the Indian Constitution. However, the parallels are there. Both men rose above severe personal obstacles to reach strategic positions where they could play dominating roles in the drafting of their respective national constitutions. Having completed his task as Chairman of the Constitutional Drafting Committee, Ibra is now standing for the Presidential Election slated for next month. What are his potential strengths and weaknesses?

Ibra's achievements so far:

  • Winning the Male seat in the latest round of Special Majlis and People's Majlis elections;

  • Winning MDP Presidential election (Ibra has resigned this post since);

  • Winning a protracted legal battle against the Election Commission to register his Social Liberal Party.

Ibra's strengths:

  • Considerable training and experience in the education sector;

  • Impeccable record as a parliamentarian;

  • Effective and proven leadership as Chair of the Special Majlis drafting committee;

  • Well established reputation as a man of principles;

  • Strength of character and the courage to take unwavering stands on major issues;

  • Has a clear vision and a coherent plan to achieve it;


  • Shortage of money and party infrastructure to run an effective campaign;

  • Shortage of popular leaders within the party;

Highlights of agenda:

  • Ibra's agenda concentrates on long term solutions rather than popular "stop gap" answers to problems. He focuses on issues like rule of law and primary education, which are a bit removed from the day-to-day problems of the people.

  • For the Maldives Ibra's vision is an economically sufficient country, where disparities of wealth across the community are reduced, and where all Maldivians get to enjoy the benefits of economic growth and prosperity on an equitable basis.

  • Ibra plans to achieve this through promoting innovative thinking and making forays into new industries and economic activities.


Anonymous said...

I believe Ibra has a clear vision and a coherent plan to achieve it through education and development, and overcome the weakness if are ready to achieve great things together if we are all heading to one destination .

Anonymous said...

You could have started from the chronology order from the senile aging one first. Hope next you will bring the failures of Gayoom rather than praising him as always the media does. By the way good job you are doing writing this blog.

Anonymous said...

One reason Ibra isn't so popular among the populace of the raajethere is he is so Male` centric.

Anonymous said...

I pray to God that citizens of Maldives utilise there vote in full and in a meaningful manner this time. I have not made my mind up to this minute who my candidate is. But after following all the presidential candidates rallies, media, propagandas, policies I have now made up my mind that I am gonna give my vote for Mr. Ibra.

The top reason why I am voting for Ibra is... he rejected Qasim's offer to become his running mate. I had my doubts all the way along... Heard people saying Ibra had a very close relationship with Qasim. Till Ibra said "NO" to Qasim's offer I had a neutral stand to 3 candidates in the presidential race. But now I stress again I made up my mind to vote Ibra for saving this country from another dictatorship and hardship.

Once again I salute Ibra for his strong stand against this regime all the way and keeping his word and promises un-broken up till today.

Anonymous said...

Do you know why Ibra rejected Qasim's offer. Ibra believes he is most capable and deserved person to be a President of Maldives. He really has attitude problems he thinks he is perfect. I really don't like his sarcastic comments for other candidates.

RadioActiveMind said...

A much balanced article thou it would have bn better to present his role in initiating the reform process.

Commenting sarcastically to other candidates policies is different from attacking such personally. Ibra do critisize other's policies and even if he did comment on somthn it would be on a strong basis. check basis of all such 'sarcastic'comments.

Ibra's main objective is to practice rule of law. which means it will effect all citizens equally as mentioned in laws. so he is better to be called as 'nation centric'.

Anonymous said...

I think Ibra is a very capable politician, a golden toungue, expresses so well and to the point. In many ways, he is sueprior to other candidates and I think he will get considerable support in his election bid. But I also think he has got an ego problem, he thinks he is the best and perfect and does not want to accept any other views. Ibra, for your future please for Allah's sake, change your attitude and learn to respect others, then you can have a better chance.

If Gasim's offer is still open to him he may consider accepting it and strengthening the Jumhooree Alliance. Ibra can be an effective and efficient vice president.

Anonymous said...

I think Ibra made a mistake in leaving MDP, he should have remained there as president. You see everywhere there are problems, and MDP leader Anni is so keen to get power to fulfil the life long dreams of his father and uncle. So Ibra should have respected that Anni's desire and should have forged a strong partnership with Anni. Had he done that, they would have achieved their targets by now.Both of them could have been a great pair of the kind of new leaders we want reform and build the other Maldives which a large majority of peaple are yearning for.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous : I don't want someone to explain why Ibra rejected Qasim's offer. I could make that judgment on my own. Of course Ibra believes he is most capable and deserved person to be the President of Maldives. Here is why.

* He is straight: In words and actions. He has been steadfast in advocating the same principles and beliefs from the start.

* He is principled: All his decisions and actions have a firm foundation in his principles and beliefs.

* He is proactive: He is one of the key people of the reformist movement. From the time of the “minivan bahus” till now, he has been one of the key figures shaping and creating momentum for reform.

* He is a strategic thinker: Works for long term solutions rather than the popular “stop gap” answers to problems.

* He is steadfast: He has been there throughout the reform process, interested and interesting, untiring and a source of inspiration.

* He is persevering: He has proven to be patient and tolerant, and has been able to see the light at the end of the tunnel even in the most adverse conditions.

* He is a firm believer in his precepts and is not hesitant to advocate these beliefs.

* He has no ‘baggage’: He has had no part in any activities that have been harmful to Maldivians – corruption, theft or deceit.

* He stands by his promises to the people: He has been loyal to Maldivians and true to his word. He has stood by his campaign promises. He has proven himself in the Special Majlis and is continuing to be true to his promises in the Majlis.

* He is perceptive: He is cognizant in all areas and well informed of the different problems faced by Maldivians. Furthermore, he has thought out these problems and has proven to be capable of finding long term solutions to these problems.

* He is a leader: He is able to bring together people of different views and convictions, and able to get them to cooperate and to work together.

* He is not beholden to anyone: He has no obligations to the rich and powerful; therefore he has no loyalties to any persons or parties above the common people. He has proven this time and again in his work in the Majlis.

* He is accepted in the international community (E.U, the Commonwealth, Saarc, UNDP): He is well liked and respected and has gained the trust of the international community.

* He is an intellectual: Being well educated, he has shown himself astute and discerning in the long time he has served the Maldivian people.

* He is experienced: He has given long years of service in the field of education in which he did his higher studies. He has done research in this sector and has gained much experience in his work with international organisations.

* He is well-versed in the constitution: Because of his dedication to the work on the amended constitution he is an expert on the constitutional rights of the people as well as the framework of governance as stated in the constitution.

* Most of all Ibra has no ‘royal’ background, no monetary influence and has no backing by the community’s powers. He stands for his integrity and honesty and his fervent dream for a better Maldives for all Maldivians – a Maldives ruled by the people for the people.


Anonymous said...

I think Ibra made a WISE MOVE IN LEAVING ANNI'S leaving MDP, If he had remained as president people wioudl have lost faith in Ibra. You see everywhere there are problems, and MDP leader Anni is so keen to get power now and ever since to fulfil the life long dreams of his father and uncle. So Is there any reason why Ibra should respect that Anni's desire to forged a meaningless partnership with Anni. Had he done that, Ibra wouldn't have achieved his targets by now.Now he is more respected than Anni among wise minds. Both of them couldn't have been a great pair because Anni not suitable to be the president of this country unfortunately.

Thorig said...

Ok he has plenty to like about. He's smart and educated. Ibra calls himself *the one* true reformist and would downplay the contribution of others to the movement but that's ok.

What I've always disliked is his patronizing ways. Granted he would often make the most sense but not always the case. Even Ibra talks nonsense every now and then. And it is when garbage and a lofty tone come together you make a truly epic ass of yourself.

Seriously, show me *one* other man who can talk out of his ass in such condescending tone.

Anonymous said...

till now i have not been able to decide who to vote. but now i'm confident that Ibra is going to be the next presednet. He has all the good qualities. I belive he can make a bright change to maldives. you got my vote Ibra.