Friday, September 5, 2008

What would MDP Aneh Dhivehi Rajje feel like?

"A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of the nation, long suppressed, finds utterance." –Jawaharlal Nehru

MDP presidential candidate Mohammed Nasheed (Anni) echoed Nehru's famous 'Tryst with Destiny' speech in the opening of salvo of the Riyaasee Suvaalu debate, which he decisively won according to most viewers.

"There will be moments in a country's life," Anni said, "moments that change the country's situation from one state to another." He then went on to describe the current state where citizens daily face the rising cost of living, where one in five families live in a single room, and where people are forced to beg for health care. Anni then promised to take the country to the shores of Aneh Dhivehi Rajje.

But how would it feel like to live in Aneh Dhivehi Rajje? Anni painted quite a vivid picture of Aneh Dhivehi Rajje in his four brief statements during the debate. Perhaps it was the cohesiveness of this picture that enabled Anni to outscore his rivals, many of who were reputed orators. Here are the main elements of the picture:

  • There will be clean government, with no place for authoritarian rule. This will be ensured through a competitive political process in a multiparty environment. Businessmen will not be allowed to pollute the political process.

  • In Aneh Dhivehi Rajje, the government will be compassionate and listen to the concerns of the people. It will give priority to address these concerns.

  • Reducing the cost of living will be the main thrust of economic policy. In Aneh Dhivehi Rajje, the cost of living will be affordable.

  • People will not have to spend half their life waiting for a house in Aneh Dhivehi Rajje. Every citizen will have access to long term financing to own a home.

  • In Aneh Dhivehi Rajje, a transport network will connect all islands. It will enhance trade by facilitating the transfer of services and goods from one island to the other.

  • The people will not have to beg for healthcare in Aneh Dhivehi Rajje. All citizens will be covered under a health insurance scheme.

  • In Aneh Dhivehi Rajje, the doors will be closed for drug smuggling. However, those who fall victim to drugs will be treated with compassion.

  • The people will get the full benefit of national income from tourism and fisheries. This will be ensured, among other things, by reducing wasteful government expenditure.

  • In Aneh Dhivehi Rajje, the government will develop the resources, equipment, people and facilities needed for tourism and fisheries.

  • People will be empowered to stand on their own feet, generate income, and proudly help their own children, family and relatives.

  • Citizens' human rights will be protected in Aneh Dhivehi Rajje. And the people will vote wisely to elect their government.


Musafir said...

MDP and MDP alone can take the credit for the freedom of expression and the ratification of the new constitution. All this would never have happened without the political pressure exerted by the MDP and the sacrifices of its memebers. All this have been captured and preserved in digital format. MDP has been instrumental in freeing the hapless Maldivian people from the grips of Maumoon's tyrannical, oppressive, dictatorial, autocratic, despotic, authoritarian, totalitarian and cruel government.

When everything seems within reach, opportunists have jumped into the wagon to claim credit. But histroy cannot be altered. We cannot be deceived again.

Like Gandhi, Anni has led his people from oppression to freedom. Only Anni has the vision and courage to take us to the shores of 'Aneh Dhivehi Raajje' - where there is equality and justice, where there is peace and tranquility, and where there is happiness and prosperity.

Think Again said...

What Anni has done and where he has led us is definitely appreciated by all of us.

But to think critically on the issue, the enturage Anni finds beside him is not in line with Nehru or Mahathma Gandhi or any other such.

The truth i would like to belive is, the situation we are in today is the result of corrupt, abussive government. If Anni or any other finds a government free from such, will definitely bring the pieces of a better life automaticlly.

What to remember is, just taking us to the shore of Aneh Dhivehi Raajje is not simply enough!

What we need is also a better served future even in Aneh Dhivehi Raajje!

Mohamed Naahii said...

Looking at the current political Arena, There is only two candidates who are really strong. That is Anni and Maumoon. Maumoon's strenght is loosing though he still is quite strong, much stronger than other candidates except Anni. On the other hand Anni is getting stronger and stronger everyday. Everyday more and more people are supporting his policies eventually he has now become as strong or much stronger than maumoon. Here is my best bet. If there is anyone else winning other than Maumoon its definitly gonna be Kenerygey Nasheed (Anni). There is a very high chance he will win this. But since this is a poll, the result will come from it, not with probabilities

Anonymous said...

we have lost trust on this guy and don't believe him anymore

Anonymous said...

I believe and support to Anni's policies. It is true that Anni is getting more popular day by day. Most people now believe that Maldives is in a stage that a change should be brought to. If Anni remains campaigning this enough strong as now, he will definitely be a candidate that others can not beat to.

shiham said...

I agree with Musafir and this is what i have been saying.. i was grinding my teeth when Maumoon declares on that TVM live cadidates question and answer thing, that his dreams of having multiparties have come true. His reform agenda has worked and he it is HIS dream anyone can run for president..BULLSHIT..complete and utter bollocks. MDP has brought the change and the current government did what ever they can to stop Anni from what he has finally achieved today and we all are blessed with it.
Anni may not have the looks and the voice of a president as many stupid pagans say, but he is the leader who had the courage to stand up and lead us all in past 4 years since reform activities began. Rest of them (all the candidates) i think just like the idea of a better nation, but Anni has proved already enough that he can do it.

Confused said...

Although a lot of individuals were and are involved in bringing us this freedom, it is mutaully agreed that Anni has played a prominantly role in this endeavour.

It is apparent that at the end of the day when we have come so near to success certain individuals have taken the situation into thier benefit.

Anyway i have lately found Anni more mature and focussed on his final destiny. I see that more people trying to agree with this fact.

I have noticed that Maumoon has long tried to convince the public that Anni & MDP has been influenced by Christian missionaries and sadly some of the people who does not use the brains have accepted this fact. This notion is still lurking behind some of minds and Maumoon continues to do so during his campaign like 'you may want the other maldives but not the other religion' ....some efforts have to be made to negate this effect.