Friday, October 3, 2008

‘Beg Your Pardon’ –a selection of political quotes

"We are navigating a dangerous ocean, and getting wrecked on each reef –drugs, religious divisions, housing shortages, basic services like jetties, crime." –Umar Naseer on TVM's Riyaasee Suvaalu program on 3 September 2008 explaining why he is contesting the presidential election

"I will strengthen the steps already being carried out, and will work to solve this in the next five years." –President Gayoom on TVM's Riyaasee Suvaalu program on 3 September 2008 explaining how he will fulfill his promise on drugs.

"As you know there will be occasions in a country's life. Every country faces moments, moments that change the country's situation from one state to another. I am certain what is being played out tonight is one of those moments." –Anni speaking on TVM's Riyaasee Suvaalu program on 3 September 2008

"No mother or father has the certainty their child will be able to return after they go to the shop next door." –Dr. Hassan Saeed on TVM's Riyaasee Suvaalu program on 3 September 2008

"I believe the state of the country has come to this because rule of law has not been established in the country, people have been discriminated against at various levels before the law, and the system has been shaped to provide national opportunities to different people in different ways." –Ibra on TVM's Riyaasee Suvaalu program on 3 September 2008

"I came to Male' from my island for education. I was unable to get a proper education and I do not want others to be deprived of a proper education. That is why I do my part in contributing to the society." –Gasim Ibrahim speaking at a party rally on 11 September 2008

"What is a weapon? I did not use any sharp weapon. No pistol, knife, gun, cutter, nothing. I always had a pen in my pocket. That is the weapon." –President Gayoom on TVM's Siyaasath program on 16 September 2008, responding to the question whether he was in possession of anything that could be considered a weapon when he took the oath in 1978

"The solution is Umar." –Umar Naseer's campaign slogan

"The coming presidential elections will be the most fair and free election ever in the entire South Asia region." –Anni speaking to Colombo based diplomats on 29 September 2008

"Convince me and I will believe." –Entry in Ibra's official website

"Those who say I have a selfish motive to become president are right: I want the job to solve the difficulties people face today." –Gasim Ibrahim speaking at the official launching of his campaign, responding to allegations that he was selfish

"A new future for Maldivians; a new leader for the Maldives." –Dr. Hassan Saeed's campaign slogan.


Anonymous said...

"30 years isn't enough for me to complete the reform process i started since my first day at office. need another 10 years to complete the job since it takes alot of time for each phase of development as maldivians are dumb." Mr. Moon

Anonymous said...

Yea eveyrthing in Maldives takes time.More than 30 years for sure as Maldivians are dumb.Just mere electricity on the islands and a health Centre, Shouldnt these people appreciate all this? Come on! Be sensible.

And there just cant be another leader.Maldivians have to be thankful that they discovered Maumoon.And what happens after him?
His family members will be there ennu.There cant be any other Maldivians fit for leadership of this country.

What an insult to a whole nation, the DRP is giving to the islanders and all Maldivians and how dumb of the to believe it.

Anni or let alone Umar, Insha Allah I pray to Allah, this time Maumoon has to leave us.Lets all pray to Allah.

Anonymous said...

Let me join you in this prayer to Allah to help us get rid of this dictators regime.Before the celebrations of this eid end I hope and pray an eid of freedom,democracy and justice will come to Maldives soon and we will have a new president to lead the Maldivians for a better tomorrow.