Sunday, October 5, 2008

This election may not be final

This election may not be final; and I am not just talking about the first round. Even after any possible second and final round is complete and the winner sworn in, it may still not be final. There are reasons to believe what starts on November 11th will only be a transitional period.

A very recent poll conducted by Social Liberal Party revealed that 40% of Maldivians are yet to decide who to vote for. This figure is plausible considering the responses one gets from friends when one asks them if they have decided on a candidate. So for many Maldivians the decision making process is ongoing and may not be complete at the time of going to the polling station in just two days time.

There are many reasons for this. The last few months have been a rollercoaster ride for Maldivians with too much happening in too short a time. Let alone ordinary citizens, even parties and candidates have not been able to keep up with the pace, with many of them still to publicize their full manifestos. So the voters have not had the opportunity to make a full informed decision.

Citizens are still learning and digesting new information about the candidates. Through the magnifying glass of the media they are learning true as well as false details of the character and personal lives of candidates, their beliefs and inclinations. This information is radically changing their images as people see them. They are turning out to be more of human beings, and less of either the saints they claim to be or the sinners they are accused to be.

The election could also reveal that some leaders are not as strong as they are currently perceived to be. Some others could turn out to be more popular than they are thought. This could lead to realignment of forces in the coming months.

It's difficult to foresee how things will finally turn out. But it's unlikely that the next President will last 30 years. In fact he will be lucky if he survives his first term.


Nazeer Jamaal said...

Dr A.Waheed you are very right, thinking of the depth of the situation and the opportunity to make a full informed decision I must say it could be even more than 40% most people are behind a smoke screen and dont know to declare or even decide who to vote for!Ye! hehe will be lucky if he survives his first term.

Anonymous said...

I think your assumptions are quite likely.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you. The deceiving started with DhiFM's poll where Hassan saeed used bulk sms from thousands of sim cards. The trend went on and on.

I have had my personal poll as well. I have asked a lot of friends and it seems that they have not decided yet.

So we will have to wait and see

Anonymous said...

100% agree with you Dr Waheed. I for one is an undecided voter. None has come up with anything that can convince me so far to vote for him. I see only power hungry bunch of hyprocytes and liars.

Anonymous said...

an independent web poll has put hassan saeed in the lead. a coffee house "secret ballot" has put him in the lead with 52% of those voting. the majority of people on the street who are undecided see his as a credible candidate. yet he may turn out to be a fake in the final count. that is politics.

Anonymous said...

This article hits the bulls eye. I still have not decided whom to vote. But for all I know If there is anything I can do to prevent the current president remove from his office without a bloodshed like with our previous presidents, I am willing to vote for any. And so far MDP looks like the best options that can turn the tables..not for their qualification to run a government but just for a change..then maybe if this works out I will vote for a true candidate in the next election..god..what a wait for true freedom!