Friday, October 10, 2008

If all the opposition unites Anni will win

By Mohamed Naahii (Engineering student in Sri Lanka)

If all the opposition unites there is a very high chance Gayoom will not win. Here are the main reasons why I believe Anni (Mohamed Nasheed) would get more support and win.

  • It is now expected that the opposition would garner more and more support because Anni has said all the capable opposition leaders such as Hassan Saeed and Gasim Ibrahim would be in his government. This would definitely boost his support because there are people who support Gasim, Hassan and Ibra, who would surely give a thumbs up for Anni as they would like to see their candidates in top posts of the government, eventually benefitting the whole country. We could now imagine a dream team consisting of former Finance Minister Gasim, Dr. Hassan Saeed, Dr. Shaheed, Mr. Ibrahim Ismail, Dr. Musthafa Luthfee, Dr Jameel and other capable opposition leaders if Anni wins. These leaders have high popularity amongst the people.

  • We can even see Anni's proposal for an MDP led alliance also has come true. Though many have forgotten what happened to the National Unity Alliance, Anni has been campaigning with the label 'an MDP led Alliance' since MDP Primary elections. This would be a factor that would gain him more support. Remember that Maldivians are known to always look at the words of politicians and see how true those words become in the end. This would be a clear indication for them to realize that Anni is living up to his words.

  • Also Dr. Hassan himself has said he would personally work to gain support for Anni. We shouldn't forget that he has been a very strong influence in the election (obviously winning 17% in the election proves this). Because of this his loyal support and backing to Anni plus Anni's idea of including Dr. Hassan's team in his government is a very tactical formula, which would definitely bring a positive impact on the run off, especially in Addu atoll. Though there maybe people who would change their minds, their numbers would be less than those who would follow Dr. Hassan to support Anni.

  • There are a so many people who want a change, so many people who want to see another leader. There are plenty of Maldivian people who want this regime to end. They would definitely opt for Anni as he is the only choice and their belief in change would even be strengthened because of the alliance of opposition candidates. Like Waheed has said in his blog post, there will be people who would change their minds because of the uniting of the leaders.

  • Also ongoing rumors would definitely have an impact on the way of thinking of the people. Technically these rumors – such as two vice presidents of DRP joining opposition – basically would be more advantageous to the opposition than Gayoom. Unless Gayoom clearly proves to the people these rumors are false, it would be an advantage for the opposition.

Due to these very important 5 factors that came to my mind after personally doing a small analysis, here is my bet. A bundle of sticks would be stronger than one individual stick. What I am trying to say is that if all the opposition unites at this stage, Anni will definitely win. If not, just forget it. Gayoom is setting a historical record of 35 years of rule in the Maldive Islands.

[Note: This article was submitted by Mohamed Naahii, an Engineering student in Sri Lanka, and so the contents are his intellectual property. This blog will consider for publication articles that are constructive, avoid obscene language and do not needlessly launch personal attacks on individuals or communities. Authors of controversial articles are requested to identify themselves or at least open a line of communication for readers to use.]


Anonymous said...

This is a time to be realistic.

The country has gone though a complete political metamorphosis. So who ever comes to power would not have a free hand like before.

Under the present conditions, even Maumoon cannot go on doing things like its his own property.

So I believe even Maumoon is ok as his hands are tied. What we should be doing is to 'elect' a good opposition and who better tan Anni to do it.

Lets keep Anni in opposition till he matures himself into a statesman. No harm in that.

Nazeer said...

Maldivians will win!
Now it will be interesting to see who joins who! and who is who!
This time it is for Gasim to think and decide about a five years of concerted efforts to restore ETHICS and PRINCIPALS and willingly contribute for real national buillding and development.
May God bless our beloved and sacred nation.

Anonymous said...

I diagree with what anonymous (1) said. Even under the present conditions, Maumoon would do anything he wants. This is clearly seen even now. He is using the States funds and going to all the islands campaigning for his presidency. The Auditor General's report is enough to prove it. But what can anybody to about it?
He will keep on doing all he wants as long as he is kept in power.

Let's change that once and for all!!

Pls ppl, Vote for change!!! Don't forget that he has always tried to keep the Maldivian ppl in the dark.

* Don't forget about the Ilyas Ibrahim fraud case and how Maumoon again appointed him as a minister!

* Don't forget about Stelco Shukoor as well! He was again promoted after he was convicted of a fraud case. Many many cases like this.

* Don't forget about how he uses Islam to play with Maldivian minds and how he does not act what he preaches.

* Don't forget about Even Nasee, Hussain Salah and many other others who were killed in Jail and how he tried to cover it.

* Don't forget how he appointed Yameen (his brother) as the Tourism Minister again! When he knows that ppl don't like him!

* Don't forget why he had to amend the constituition! Who made it possible? Only the brave Maldivians hard work paved the way to democracy in the Maldives!

* Don't forget the injustice, the rising crime rate, the gang fights, the corruption, the ever increasing no. of drug addicts in the country.

* Don't forget that if he was true to his words, he would have never contested in this race in the first place!!

All these are facts why we should not vote for Maumoon. Why we shold vote for MDP iththihaadh with all the opposition working as a united front!

Don't let ourselves be fooled by his propaganda!

Anonymous said...

I am scared when I heard a DRP Naaibu Raees is going to join MDP. This may be an attempt to sabotage and destroy the opposition. Be careful. Don't take this offer lightly as it may be more harmful than an advantage to MDP.

Anonymous said...

I dont think opposition will unite, because they all have different mentality. I have voted for Dr. Hassan, but now I will refrain from voting, as I dont believe Nasheed, hanging with group of corrupt politicians like Zaki and Afeef can do anything better than Maumoon. Lets hope Dr.Saeed and his colleagues will be intact to bring democracy to Maldives with class, it will take time, I hope after five years country will be ready and learn from Nasheed and Mumoon's failed policies.

jill said...

What a pleasure it would be to me if it was some other opposition leader to compete Maumoon in the run-off. Not only me. It would be surely a wish of many Maldivians. Anni do not have the appearance of leader. And we do not like his personality. We have seen him in the waiting queue for casting his vote, swinging a piece of tissue like a fan. His actions need to be a little bit formal.

Anonymous said...

Now the biq question in front of Maldivians is when they go polling stations on 29th is whether we need a 71 year old Experienced politician or 41 year old hooligan (Vakarugey dhari) as their leader.lets wait and see how people decide.

Anonymous said...

i notice that you chose not to publish my comment, shows how in line with the reform movement you are - after all i thought free speech was what you are exercising with you blog. i guess i was wrong, its selective free speech you are exercising.

you better start job hunting! don't bet on holding on to your job for that long..

[Editor’s note: You should have noticed the information line at the top of the blog: …”Personal issues are not entertained…” That is why I chose not to publish. However criticism directed at me is most welcome if they are relevant to the topic of discussion and will be published according to guidelines given at the same location. The particular comment in question is totally irrelevant to the article as it is authored by Mohamed Naahii and not me. For examples of published criticism directed at me refer comments on article “Truth about Gasim’s philanthropy.” There are many more examples. If you want any further discussion kindly telephone me. You know my identity, though I don’t know yours.]

Anonymous said...

Cant we file a court case against Maumoon for using state funds for his campaign.

Clearly there is enough evidence to prove that. There is the auditor generals report, and there the eye witnesses in local island stores who has received invoices for DRP functions through Atoll offices.

Anonymous said...

For those in a mirage to go to Aneh dhivehiraajje, the report on using state funds on trips is a namanama lie. They said in their report "if" the funds are used in... "if" this and that... bla bla bla... take a closer look machaa... I like the overconfidence of opposition. its going to ruin them soon. u'll see.

Adhaalathu oriyaan kuraa site said...

What happened to MDP budget fiasco?

What happened in MDP elections ?

How many drug addicts belonging related MDP heavy weights have died due to drug abuse?

Swift action was taken against Mavotta,but no action taken against Aniya for her scathing attack on Islam.It was published in a newspaper run by Anni's family.

The culture of violence is a gift of MDP to this country

Anonymous said...

this election has proved that Maumoon is not invincible.
Maumoon is already "bleeding" after the election. "if it bleeds it can be killed"

Anonymous said...

Now the election is against a reformist and a dictator.An old aging dictator, whose main aim in life is now to win this election and gt back on all those who oppossed him and made fun of him.His aim would be to heyaruvaalaa all those who oppossed him, not to make any bridge or anything.His aim would be to use this gadha five years for him to do whats left pending to destroy whole Maldives.

His aim would be to see he is the winner like a kid saying see I won.
His aim is not to help us get out of this pit, but to prove he is the winner.

Anonymous said...

I am here, in the capital of Maldives. And the picture of reality is quite different. Even though majority of us want a change, people in the less populated islands likes Maumoon and apparently will choose Maumoon over Anni. For some reason I cannot understand most women and elders I spoke to seems to hate Anni.
I will do anything I can to take this opportunity to bring down the regime as I have never been this close to freedom in the Maldives ever in my life.
So, my advice is...if anyone really cares about Maldives..please pass the message on..the message of freedom and reform.

Anonymous said...

"a dream team consisting of former Finance Minister Gasim, Dr. Hassan Saeed, Dr. Shaheed, Mr. Ibrahim Ismail, Dr. Musthafa Luthfee, Dr Jameel and other capable opposition leaders"
Reminds me of Justice League led by Superman :D