Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Congratulations Mohamed Nasheed (Anni)

Warmest congratulations to Mohamed Nasheed (Anni), Dr. Waheed and the Wathan Edhey Gothah Coalition for their decisive victory in Presidential Election 2008. Congratulations also to all Maldivians. You have a new leader, a new beginning and a new future.

Wathan Edhey Gothah team has truly created history by bringing down Asia's longest surviving leader. Such leaders have rarely been defeated at the ballot box anywhere in the world. Anni truly deserves praise for his vision and resolve.

"Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny, and now the time comes when we shall redeem our pledge…. A moment comes, which comes but rarely in history, when we step out from the old to the new, when an age ends, and when the soul of a nation, long suppressed, finds utterance…The achievement we celebrate today is but a step, an opening of opportunity, to the greater triumphs and achievements that await us. Are we brave enough and wise enough to grasp this opportunity and accept the challenge of the future?" –Jawaharlal Nehru


Anonymous said...

The people have heard, and they have spoken; clearly and decisively. So glad that our beloved nation has finally awakened after 30 long years!

As for Mumoon's accepting his defeat, my humble guess is that he has accepted his defeat, not out of any favour to Anni or to the nation, but just because he has wild dreams and selfish ambitions to compete in the mid-term election, which Anni has hinted at durig his campaign. This has been proved by Maumoon during today's press briefing. Many of you who watched his press briefing would have noticed that he refused to rule out that he would not compete in the coming mid-term election.

In fact, faced against the mighty and the formidable array of the coalition leaders, Maumoon has no choice but to accept defeat. By doing so, he has simply played his last remaining card - hoping to regain his lost credibility and trust worthiness.

But Maumoon must remember that we the public, and in fact the Coalition will judge him not by his words, but by his deeds!

Finally, as a word of caution, Anni must learn a lesson from the fable, "The crow and the Wolf", in which, the wolf praises the crow for his beautiful voice, not because the wolf loved the crow's voice, but for the peace of cheese in the crow's mouth!


Anonymous said...

Allah Akbar,
Allah Akbar,
Allah Akbar,
Laailaaha Illahlhaah Wallhaah Akbar, Allah akbar Wallillaahil Hamdh.

Anonymous said...

"Verily never will God change the condition of a people until they change it themselves." Holy Qur'an 13:11

Certainly the people have made a change.

Its time to stop the rhetoric, hatred. Put behind the past and look for the future. Its not the time for revenge but to

we are not perfect,Maumoon is not perfect, Anni will not be perfect either. We are humans, all what our leader must do is not to make the mistakes that were made in the past.

Lets unite, we are brothers and Sisters, a small community.

May Allah bless us all

Anonymous said...

alhamdhu lillahi, this s hapiest day my life. unfortunatly m not in maldives, but my best wishes with our hero nasheed. m also da 1 who spend jail as political prosner...but now i forgive maumoon,.. i got da price wht i have done. pls forgive everybody and bring our futre togther.
-ali, law student, malaysia-

Anonymous said...

I think the number one priority for any one now will be to propose an amendment of the clause in the our constitution that was passed by Maumoon's cronies allowing him to stand for president although he has completed six terms in office. I think the 'stupid' clause must be amended and the word 'mi qaanoonu asaasee' should be deleted from that clause, so that Maumoon can no longer try to manipulate the constitution to his own advantage.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mohamed Nasheed! You couldnt have achieved this without the Inththihaad.

Having said that Nasheed should realise he is not in a bed of roses.It is time to see how things will unfold. Will the coalition be intact after their cause (defeating Gayyom) is achieved? Will it be as formidable as now, or will it have rifts and disintegrate?

Whatever, the reason Gayyoom has shown a true example of democracy. As Waheed has said, long-serving leaders are rarely beaten in ballot boxes. Thats because the elections are always rigged. But Gayyoom has shown his trueness to the cause of democracy, by allowing free and transparent election and then accepting the results without any fuss. I dont think a Dictator will have this ability.

I think Gayyoom could not give a clear answer about running in mid-term election (if it occurs) because he hasnt decided at the moment about it.

And its noteworthy to notice that when confronted abt the question about mid-term election Nasheed didnt give a clear answer..Once he said its a philosophy he is toying around with. On a second time he said he will see whether it can be done through the current constitution..So i am not so hopeful about a mid-term election.

Anyway, Good luck Mohamed Nasheed. Hope you will do the job you are entrusted as per our aspirations. This Wathan will judge you whether you really do the job as Wathan edhey GOthah. The citizens will judge you.

Anonymous said...

I am proud I chose to vote for Maumoon and hes by his dignified exempleray behaviour has shown to the Maldivian people what democracy means.
And soon Maldivians will face the hard reality ahead created by themselves.They wud soon realise how stories had been twisted to fool them.
And what democracy means.One example the party Dr.Waheed belongs to wud have got the least number of votes had they contested the election but in this democracy they r going to have more say than the other larger parties.
Anothe example they wud realise later wud be how independent the Auditor General has been n with super independent he chose to independently audit one man conveniently forgetting certain important people in the run up to the elections.
Same AG was asking to delete Reeko Ibrahims party.How conceniently he forgot to mention Ibras party to be in the same line.Well I dont think tis worth giving 3million to a guy who got 1000 votes in an election.
Anyway more examples will follow.And democracy means that a guy who called the other a terrorist didnt hesitate to become his partner when there was power within reach.
Pls do wake up n take ur nation forward by blaming Golhaabhoa for all the woes created by you lazy guys.
Blame Golhaa if ur wife sleeps with another, if ur kid is an addict n if u have to stay in line for a service n especially if u have to pay for it.
A nation will develop only if the people want to.Not if a ruler wants to

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to President Elect Mr. Mohamed Nasheed and his VP Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan for their victory in the Presidential Election 2008.

May Allah bless President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom for the prosperity and achievements of the Maldives under his untiring leadership. We thank His Excellency Gayoom for the most wonderful 30 years Maldives has witnessed. He is truely a legend who will always remain in our hearts as the best President we could ever have. He has slowly introduced democracy and independent state institutions into the Maldives to ensure that the democracy is functioning here well. Our new constitution is truely one of the best constitutions any country has. May Allah bestow on President Gayoom best of health, in the years to come. Thank you Mr President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom.

stable thinking process said...

[As for Mumoon's accepting his defeat, my humble guess is that he has accepted his defeat, not out of any favour to Anni or to the nation, but just because he has wild dreams and selfish ambitions to compete in the mid-term election, which Anni has hinted at durig his campaign.]

Pls give a rest to these speculations.The outcome of the election was the result of mindless speculations such as

1) A demagogue called Yamin was trying to destoy Vill Inc.Even after Qasim was arrested on Aug12t such gloomy news spread in the country.But Qasim reached new heights as soon as he was released

2)Maumoonu and Yamin were trying to use the army to thwart a free and fair election

3)The fabricated document used by Jameel

4) 'Thirty year' factor. I am wondering whether the people forgot the fact that Ibrahim Hussein Zaki was a major part of the 'thirty years'.
Will he be accounted?

Plus some members of MDP have previously voted in favour of Maumoonu in the Majlis.For example Thaa atoll MP Mr.afeef as mentioned by Reeko Moosa

Farooq M. Hassan said...

TO "stable thinking process" (October 30, 2008 12:16 AM). How convenient and easy for you to say "Pls give a rest to these speculations....".

I just wonder how stable your thinking process is? Let’s look at just two comments you made to two postings that recently appeared on this blog - Just to make you recollect your “not so stable”, but rather “stagnant” memory.

First, your comment to Waheed’s posting on “Snapping at the Snap Election” which was posted Saturday, October 18, 2008. I hope your stagnant mind can still recall them. I am just quoting your own words.
“The Coalition cabinet:
Foriegn Minister : Ibrahim Hussein Zaki(alcoholic)
Gender Minister : Jaabiru (know who to handle women affairs)
Attorney General : Dhiyana Saeed(can take care of Jabir's issues)
Education minister : Aishath Velezinee (this lady was very vocal in supporting for freedom of reliion when Asma Jahangir visited Maldives)
Information minister : DO Sappe (expert in propaganda and character assasination)” posted on October 19, 2008 1:28 AM

Second, your comment to Waheed’s posting on “Wathan Edhenee Kon Team akah?” which appeared on this blog on Wednesday, October 15, 2008. Here’s what you said:
“Jabir or Qasim should be the gender minister.Plus Sikka's family should be given some booty too” – posted on October 17, 2008 1:35 AM.

My advice to you is to preach what you practice. I know people like you will never regret, but at least are you willing to give rest to your dirty speculations? Just asking.

Anonymous said...

stable thinking process....hmmm... one shud accept defeat and one shud celebrate the win, n you in the other hand youre just a copy cat nothing more... we must learn ffrm our past and prepare ourself for the future... not blalb blab blah blah about a bitter defeat.... love you all maldivians we won...

Anonymous said...

I think Golhabo is trying to gain public support for the next election. So MDP ithihaad should gain the majority of people’s majlis. And amend the constitution that “ehve’s irehga rajjeyge verikamuge dhe dhauru koffa huri meehahkah nuvun.” Then there will be no threat of “RETURN OF THE GOLHABO, Load of dictators”.

Congratulations ANNI, wish you all the best.
May Allah bless Maldives, Aameen.

Anonymous said...

Nasir when he left office also wanted to remain in the country. infact Rajjethere. but he couldn't. Not because Maumoon didn't allow him.But because the "powers behind Maumoon" wanted revenge.So inorder to save Nasir from the 'mob' Gayoom had to allow Nasir to flee the country.I will not be surprised if history does not repeat itself.{Kerefa Naseem has returned from self exile. Abdul Hannan's(the notorious Security chief under Nasir) sister,Moomina Haleem is also now preparing to return from self exile.I fear for one purpose. revenge.)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Anni

Your honey moon period will be short, there is a huge economic storm brewing, which world statistically has seen once in 100 years, I know you have said in the press conference that our economy has been able to withstand some economic downturns, but this aint an ecnomic down turn. Alan Greenspan said "Its a Tsunami" so, the tourisn sector and fishing sector cannot cushion such a "Huge economic storm"

I hope Anni has a team of ecnomists who are carefully examining this storm, otherwise the people of Maldives can be in a pretty bad shape.

The 300 million dollars you promised in the first 15 days of your presidency would certainly give some cushion.

Good Luck

Anonymous said...

To anonymous 12.23 pm,
I think you are not helping things by speculating baseless accusations against Naseem, Hannan and Moomina Haleem. You will of course say you are entitled to your view. But not many will agree you are entitled to baseless character assassination. There are certain limitations to freedom of speech even in the most free countries.

No need to argue now whether the people you mentioned will do the things you accused. Events during the next few months will reveal the truth. But even if they decide to fight for justice in courts of law that is there right. I am not saying they will do it, but you cannot deny them their right just because you think they are taking revenge.

You will also go to court if someone harrases your children for no fault of theirs. Will it be ok that day if I say you are taking revenge?

Anonymous said...

if naseem and moomina haleem and hannan want to return to Maldives, it is their right. Nobody can stop them. If they want to file court cases against Maumoon again it is their right.But I only hope President Nasheed does not bring them into his Administration,They are too much tainted for their infamous roles under Nasir.

Anonymous said...

I hope Maldives will face a better tomorrow that we all have been hoping for. Maumoon along with a good he did also did wrong to us..

I am looking forward to see the presidential palace becoming the university as anni said. I hope this is again not an empty promise from a politician.

I also hope the country's youth and young doesn't become like Dr.waheed's kids. Did you know his kids were not taught anything much about islam and they live in USA without practicing much/any ismalic values. IF this is what Dr.Waheed our vice president's upbringing did to his kids..what would his policies to our nation??

I really hope we will see a better tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Hussain Shihab now in Saudi embassy is going to get the deal he wants. I heard this is because his current wife is Waheeda.

Waheeda is the sister of Dr.waheed the new vice president.

If this is really true...what is the differance between Maumoon and the new team??

Anonymous said...

Anni is Maldives Mandela, Maldives Mahathma Ghandi. Parliament should be quick to honor him with "Sumuvvul Ammeer Mohamed Nasheed Rannabadeyri Kilegefaan, Nishan Ghazee ge Izzaiytheri Veriya"

Anonymous said...

People make lot of promises in elections campaigns, and some of them will end up as empty promises. This happens more often in developing democracies. So don't worry if Theemuge ends up as Anni's family home. He also needs all the comforts that come up with his position.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 4:16

That is true.. lets see how many brothers and sisters, uncle and aunts, brother in laws and sister in laws are in the new adminstration.

Anonymous said...

"Anni is Maldives Mandela, Maldives Mahathma Ghandi."

Strange analogy.Anni spent time in jail so did Mandela and therefore using stupid Greek philosophy of logic,Anni is an example of Mandela?

Stable Thinking Process said...

To Farooq M. Hassan

Let me stabilise your thinking.I said speculations about events which are not probable have to be given rest.But speculating about things that are probable is a different story altogether.Now that Maumoon has lost the election speculating about what he and Yamin can do is mindless.So now the speculations should be about this new government on issues such as

1) Will Zaki be taken to task for his corruption

2) Will Reeko Moosa be taken to task for importing a Buddha into the country

3) How rich will Qasim be in the next five years

4) Will Adhaalath party be a controlled unit

Hope your thinking is stabilised now.

Anonymous said...

Congrats,Anni. Winning the presidency is no small feat. But it is only the beginning. Maldives is still no democracy. And as President you should complete the task.The mullah"s were useful.Now you have to keep your distance from them, They are the biggest threat to our democracy.