Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wathan Edhenee Kon Team akah?

We have heard ad nauseam that MDP does not have capable leaders. Such a slight could have perhaps been plausible about a month back, before the party formed a coalition with Gaumee Itthihaad Party. And now with the formation of the 'Wathan Edhey Gothah…' coalition, the accusation borders on the ridiculous.

Today while the ruling team also has capable leaders, Wathan Edhey team can credibly match them man for man. To illustrate this, let us compare possible choices for some key cabinet positions. Such a comparison can only be hypothetical because the size and shape of the future cabinet is unlikely to be the same as at present, even if DRP wins the election. Further it is difficult to predict who will be offered cabinet posts and who will accept. Keeping these limitations in mind, here are some possible pairs.


  • Dr. Waheed

  • Zahiya Zareer


  • Ilyas

  • Dr. Aminath Jameel

Trade and Tourism

  • Ali Hashim

  • Yamin


  • Dr. Hussein Rasheed

  • Dr. Fathin Hameed

Islamic Affairs

  • Mohamed Rasheed Ibrahim

  • Dr. Abdul Majeed

Legal Reform:

  • Mohamed Nasheed

  • Dr. Hassan Saeed

Attorney General

  • Azima

  • Dhiyana Saeed


  • Dr. Jameel

  • Ahmed Zahir


  • Thasmeen

  • Dr. Mustafa Luthfee


  • Qasim

  • Jihad


  • Dr. Mausoom

  • Dr. Mohamed Ali

External Affairs

  • Dr. Shaheed

  • Abdullah Shahid


  • Hamdhoon Hameed

  • Abdul Bari Abdullah


  • Dr. Aishath Shiham

  • Hamid Abdul Ghafoor

It's the people who will decide on the 28th which team they want.

Note: The above is not an exhaustive list of all possible ministries or all possible candidates.


Anonymous said...

I can compare the two teams in a different way. From the software business world Microsoft is the leading and dominating power while the Open source community which is now backed by IBM, google..etc is growing at an exponential rate. Microsoft prefers monopolizing while Opensource people like to share knowledge. Microsoft has limited number of people in the company while Opensource has people from all walks of life all around the world. I see somewhat a similar show here in our country.

Hassan said...

What about the all powerful Home Affairs ministry? Who would be the Home Affairs Minister in a coalition government?

Anonymous said...

The only thing I cant agree with u over here is Gasim as Finance Minister!!

Anonymous said...

Apparently, coalition is much stronger. Maumoon's cabinet is a joke on the public, from my perspectives. I like the comparison made in the comment using MS and Open Source. I think its really relevant. That is exactly what is happening in Maldives. let's support the people, there were our future lies. the government have the authority but we have the power. let exercise our right today and be happy in the future. vote for change vote for the Coalition.

MrMv said...

i agree with anonymous about position of Finance Minister for Gasim. He has nearly 4 years of experienced in that area but it wasnt a good one. Nevertheless he can contribute to reform of this country, he is sincere in his work. Better than anyone in the Gayoom cabinet now.

Anonymous said...

It surely will feel safer onboard a new vessel, with highly motivated and skilled crew who are fully committed to serve it's passengers, instead of a bunch of sellfish crew whom we have travelled a longway without knowing our destiny.

Anonymous said...

I too cant agree with u over here is Gasim as Finance Minister!!

Anonymous said...

The Home Ministry goes to Mr Reeko Moosa Manik

Defense goes to Mr Ameen Faisal

Information goes to Toyyib

What's wrong with Gasim in Finance?
You got to give him something to get his supporters vote

Anonymous said...

what a joke ilyas as health . u must be joking.

Anonymous said...

yo. the problem here is most of the alternatives you have mentioned (e.g. Gasim, Diyana, Saeed etc) are access baggage from the regime. Can we really trust these power hungry two faced people. What a joke!

Vathan Edheygoh said...

All the true vows
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the ones we speak out loud
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There is only one life
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Hold to the truth you make
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Hold to your own truth
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Those who do not understand
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I know what I am saying.
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Seeing my reflection
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Anonymous said...

Compare to Maumoon & Anni's team u can see da difference & Anni team is good enough to Lead!

Confused said...

All except Gaabe is ok i guess...let's Vote for Change. Now that Anni has announced a new clean Gayoom free election during the first 3 years, no body should have an excuse against voting for change...

Anonymous said...

wow, wht a dream team, now i have futre in maldives. i want go male' as soon as posible if Anni wins da election,. if he (coalition fail), i may think permenant citizenship here (malaysia). Maumoon already expired.
-law, Student in Malaysia-

Anonymous said...

As the author said, we expect a much smaller cabinet from this pro reform coalition. So ministries like legal reform, doesn't have to be there necessarily. So how about Hassan Saeed as attorney general, may be dhiyana or mariya can take gender and social welfare. However there has to be capable people left to do the duty of MPs. In my opinion people like mariya will be better to leave as MPs rather than giving a cabinet portfolio as she had proved to be a very good MP in the past. There are other such examples, like afeef.

Anonymous said...

Vathaneh Neydhe to have a Foreign National in front seat,in Presidential Palace. The question of soverignity is in doubt. we see a British citizen in front row of DRP in your photo....who is being Which party is influenced by theBritsih. James in MDP is only adivser, not British but Austtralian.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dr Shaheed as Foreign Minister, we already see a fraction on Hassan Saeed and Anni, why did Hassan stayed away from last night meeting in Addu, Why did he left this morning? Dr Shaheed calls for an election in 18 months, Anni in 2 years.... Are we still in Watan edhey gothah?

Watan Edhey GOLHAA said...

Lame "alhi" buruvaning to get supporters of other parties. puk puk... Mifaharu Maumoon win koffa thi bunaa meehunge dhuvas dhuvvaalaathan balan thibey. And if for some other reason like a vote olhuvaalumah fahu Watan Edhey Golhaa(anni) wins, he'll give his a*s to the candidates. dhekolhun libeynee kehi.. pakaaas.

Anonymous said...

Watan edhenee alhugandumen dhivehinnah ufaaveri maadhamaa eh hoadhai dheveyne team akah, Watan edhenee aneh dhivehi raajje ah gendheveyne team akah noon, Watan edhenee aa usminthakah alhugandumen gendhaane team akah noon, watan edhenee alhugandumen nikamethi dhivehinnah huvafen dhakkaigen veri kamuge baaru hoadhaane team akah noon,

dhivehinnah hiley beys koh dheynamey buney, dhivehinnah hiley flat alhai dheynamey buney, dhivehinnah hiley kiyavai dheynamey buney, mulhi dhivehi raajeygai faalan noonee buriju alhaa namey buney, miheree haththaaves huvafen, emme faharakuves mikan kuran faisaa hoadhaane gotheh kiya eh nudhey, vidhaalhuve ballavva bodethi mahujanun athun thimanna veri kamah annathaa 3 mas therey meeni varakah tax nagaanamey, vidhaalhuve ballavva alhugandumen massakkaiy hes kiyaafa koh gen anbi dharinnah kaandhey meehun athun kihaavarehge tax eh nanagavaanantho veri kamah vadai gannavaathaa 3 mas 6 mas 1 aharu fahun, vidhaalhuve ballava kaaboa thaketheege agu mihaaru huri varah vure kithah percent veri kamah vadai gannavaatha 3 mas, 6 mas 1 aharu they thiri kuravvaanamey, vidhaalhuve ballavva bodethi mahu janun kontrol kohgen ulhey viyafaari thah kithah mas therey hulhuvaalavvaanamey, vidhaalhuve ballavva raajjeyge muasalaath, current, fen kunfunithah sarukaaruge baaruge dhashun dhookollavvaa hulhuvaalavvanamey meeni mahehge therey.

Vidhaalheh nuveveyne, thibeyfulhu veri kamah laan faisaa haradh kuranee midhannavaa mahujanun, emeehun rulhi aruva eh nuleveyne. Mee aa kameh noon, mee mulhi dhuniyeygaves mikan hingaa goiy, komme fas aharakun nikume nikamethi rayyathunnah huvafen dhakkafa vote kolhu hoadhagen mibunaa mahujanunge faidhaa ah masakkaiy kuraanee.

watan edhey team eh uffadha bala

Anonymous said...

Whathan Edhenee Open Source team ah!

The Open Source team at work is now in sort of a relaxed mode awaiting their Team Leaders to flock into the scene.

I could imagine how fast will our country start prospering with the team.

Anonymous said...

Mathee foto haadha anhenun gina ey.DRP ga gina ee anhenun dho?

Rhetoric Thought said...

couple of points which i think would be right

Islamic Affairs should be made a autonomous and independent authority.

the mandate of legal reform should be transferred to Justice

Anonymous said...

what british guy are you talking about

Fenfulhangi said...

ofourse MDP looks more promising with tis educated younger leadership that is fully backed and elected by the people rather than appointed by the incumbent president.
Yes they are elected by the PResidential candidate Anni but they were approved by a committee of elected MP's.

Anonymous said...

maybe this is not best alternative list.....there are far more experienced people in the opposition than the ones you have mentioned.....for example.....

Mariya is far more experienced than Dhiyaana

Dr Mausoom should be reinstated as tourism minister as he has PhD in tourism.

In the case of justice...i believe in a true democratic country there should not be a justice ministry as the courts should be independent and fair.

Defence should go to Ameen Faisal

Planning and National Development should go to Dr. Waheed as he has experience in this field during his time at the UN.

Gasim should never be given finance as this position is a very technical position and we need people who are qualified in this area. For example Arif Hilmy or Mohammed Jaleel will be good.

The only possible position gasim can takeover is Atolls. He will be good at this position as he is considered by many as a people's man.

I believe there are much better people for foreign ministry as well....

When it comes to forming a cabinet, one should not follow gayoom methods but should choose people carefully based on their qualifications and experience rather than their political alliances or affiliations. The country needs capable and qualified people to take us out of this mess gayoom has created.......

Anonymous said...

A picture can say thousand words, look at the picture and compare the the first raw of each party, clearly Wathan edhey gothah has all the credibility to lead this nation even in that picture better than DRP.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the comments here about Qasim... He is not qualified to be a Minister of Finance. Specially given the current economic situation we are in, and the challenges we face going forward. We need someone who is not afraid to make the hard decisions that need to be taken now, AND aware of the consequences of any action that is taken... Definitely NOT Qasim!

Anonymous said...

Ministry of Finance and Trade are both extrememly critical Ministries, Gasim is no way a capable person for this post. Jaleel is an experienced professional (I would say the only professional and highly experienced economist in this country)I dont know if he would except the job (He is a truely a decent person)

stable thinking process said...

Jabir or Qasim should be the gender minister.Plus Sikka's family should be given some booty too

Anonymous said...

Good comments people. What I find is there are so many independent people who are good enough and much better as well. People with experience, enthusiasm and the know how. Most of these people perhaps dont belong to political parties (all patrties has this issue talked about as well) but may be willing to take up a challenge in a unified governemnt. I know that each of the parties when they were initially contesting had many such people included in their draft cabinets, may be in the hope that they will take up the posts. I think that all the names here are not really new - why not ask for a totally new generation of cabinet members who can revolutionalise the current paradigm of thinking!

Anonymous said...

for any president, there is always a first time. even for maumoon.

so, i think we can vote for change and see what anni will do with his power, i am sure lots of existing corruptions will be gone. cause a mess done in 30 years will be gone for ever... then it will anni time...

the current generation has never seen any other president then maumoon, so people think there is no other person who can be a better president, but that thinking is wrong... and we need to think about it.. and make a change.

there is no government in this world which is perfect...

i hope with the new reform law's the next president cannot hold as president after 2 terms....

Anonymous said...

I can agree almost all of them.I want a change and this change will be a far better change becuase the opposition team will be more capable and committed for their work. I don't want a government which cannot serve us. We have experinced in the last 30yrs. "No to Maumoon and Yes to Nasheed (Anni) along with his great team".

Anonymous said...

"bordering on the ridiculous" hehe....welcom to our world waheed.....obviously you dont know the crowd here, if you think we are easily put off by such flaming!

i'v tamed wilder game than's quite obvious you're a gasim sympathizer!

Why this is so, is a question that is upto us to answer...but for now, peace

all in good time

keep those articles coming


Anonymous said...

If my memory is right, MDP promised a small cabinet, not more than 10 ministries. Besides, Dr. Mohamed Ali would be a poor choice for the Environment Ministry. Several senior staff of the Ministry would simply rebel against him. Giving Dr Ali that post would be a fatal mistake. Anni should do some homework, before doing that.

ahmed said...

why isn't any one mentioned the name of Mr. Arif Hilmy for Finance Minister?????.... is he not the ONLY candidate who is suitable way above the rest..