Monday, October 6, 2008

Who to vote for

Even as the Election Day is upon you, like most Maldivians you also may not have had time to digest all the information that has become available in the past weeks about candidates and their parties. This blog has endeavored to present some such information in a relatively more digestible form, particularly about the agendas of various candidates.

What is most striking about the agendas is that there is no striking difference between them. This is not surprising. Political reforms and national development are not secret sciences like nuclear physics. Nearly everyone knows what to do. So all agendas look pretty much the same.

So how does one decide among them? My personal opinion is that one should look into the backgrounds of each candidate to see their academic qualifications, past performance, integrity of character and unity of purpose. This should give some indication of how much a candidate could deliver. Of course, this is just one way of looking at it. You may prefer another way.

The decision who to for is a very personal one, but it has national implications. I’m sure you have the wisdom and foresight to select the best president for you as well as the nation.


Anonymous said...

Yes, but that is the problem, isnt it? If we look at educational qualifications, for me Gasim, Anni and Umar are out. When you look at character, Anni is out. When you look at past service, Anni and Umar are out. When you look at integrity, all six are out! I just cannot trust any of them to deliver what they promise. So I am going with passion. Umar, to me, is the most passionate of the six. But he has little else to credit, unfortunately.

Steps said...

"My personal opinion is that one should look into the backgrounds of each candidate to see their academic qualifications, past performance, integrity of character and unity of purpose."

I totally agree with the author.

And wish all Maldivians make a wise decision (based on things such as integrity of candidates )and hope this time the best wins and our country sees good change, in the next five years and years to come.Insha Allah.

Nazeer Jamaal said...

Vote for MDP iththihaadh-If you want to win and if you believe in a government of the people, for the people and by the people. This campaign has always been about change that we needed, and real change comes from the bottom up, not from the top down, so take a piece of this campaign into our own hands, and we can win this election. Together there's nothing we can't do? This election is also too important to sit on the sidlines.
Declare yourself to vote for MDP iththihaadh.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

If anyone wants Maumoon out, vote for MDP as they are leading the oppositions. Any vote given besides MDP is virtually one given to Maumoon. See the facts tommorow night!

Anonymous said...

Nazeer Jamal, you are depriving us from our fundermendal right, asking us to vote for a specific person. Thats not right. If you think MDP can deliver its promises then proove it here with figures. (Arithmetic i mean) thats what Im looking for. Non..I mean Non of the candidates have done so, jsut hitting the campaign trail and making false promises (Telling people that they would bring us heaven) no, Im not buying it. They must tell me HOW he is going to give me heaven. Not doing so is just decieving the People once again. OK, I agree, there maybe people who will simply get on the "Hus bulhi" But those who make the false promises must remember "what Maumoon is seeign is not nothing, if they failed on their promises"

Once again I repeat, the candidates are a bunch of hypocrytes and LIARS.

As an undecided voter, Im not going to vote for any as they failed to tell us how they will deliver the promises they made. ITS JUST HOLLOW PROMISES

Come back one day and read this post...........

Anonymous said...

There is only one candidate who outstands from all. Undoubtedly that person is Anni. Who fought for us ever since the day he graduated from University.

He has guts. Got a good academic qualification. Dr. Waheed, his running mate is a great guy too! Anni has got all that it takes to be the "Maldivian" President.

I'm voting for Anni. Confirmed!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Very good advice by Dr Waheed.

It seems our choices will be dictated more by emotions than good judgement, keeping the national interest in mind.

This election need not be a zero sum game. Our collective decisions will determine our collective future for better or worse.

It requires more a than rabble rouser to lead a country. No candidate is all good or all bad. All have their strengths and weakness.

Not voting is evading responsibility. Even if all the cadidates are evil, surely there must be lesser evils.

Many people seem to be so much fixated on the present or the immediate future. We might get euphoria after defeating Maumoon, but I doubt that would last long especially if the wrong person lands up in the presidency.

Let sanity prevail. Think and decide.

Anonymous said...

I will go and vote for the simple fact that Qayyoom if elected wud want to get elected for another term now that he has for the first time hes felt how it likes to be when u keep people suppressed.I m sure he wud want to take this coutry to new heights in real sense.Other candidates are promising paradise but none of them is more trustworhty,every one has a hidden agenda like MDP for Christianity.Saaed whos behind this guy?Qasim sorrunded by corrupt businessmen.There it goes.Anyway think and vote ,we will see how many are level headed or carried away by emotions and falsehood.

Anonymous said...

I believe the best candidate among the six is Anni..Let's give the guy a chance and see if he truly is a people's person...In my opinion, Gasim, Maumoon and Hassan Saeed, I feel Hassan saeed would be the unknown devil and he's the least favourable candidate for me.

Anonymous said...

Dr waheedh, where is your post on auditor generals report? Coming soon?

Anonymous said...

vote for anni

Nazeer said...

Sorry about that,I am not asking anyone to vote for one person or depriving anyone from their fundemendal right, which I cannot, but I am asking all who respect what has been done for having reached to this day, and to vote for a specific movement,in the fight we all joined hands to get our rights. If we think anyone can deliver its promises without been permitted, I surely have to prove it. That would be a tough thing anyway! But, it is far better to be hungry through choice, than to be hungry because some guy you did not choose, decides to make you hungry and people who do not realize that the dream of our nation is to achieve great things together,they are like men who cannot swim, standing on the heads of others to survive in relatively shallow water?. I am asking you to vote for Mdp-iththihaadh is because even if Anni is not there MDP will live and will never give up the fight.Yes I believe Maumoon is not seeign nothing, if they failed on their promises"
Thanks 1:43 anonymous

Adhaalathu oriyaan kuraa site said...

Abdulla Waheed is right.People are suffering from over analysis paralysis.If this causes people to become more focused on the system rather than personalities,the West has already setup a plan for us.This plan is in the form of a new movement called 'Himeyn Inqilaab' sort of communist propaganda machine.MDP itself is a product of West.Wahhabi movement is also a product of West.And we have become nothing but sloganeers unable to chart our own course

Anonymous said...

Dear Waheed,

Thank you for your posts in this blog. You indeed have played a major role in contributing insight about issues that matter to us in this election. Many of us have benefited from this blog and it has given us a lot to think about before we vote tomorrow. We very much appreciate your work. Hope the people of this nation makes the best choice in choosing their president.

Thank you and keep it up.


Anonymous said...

Good piece of advice. People power is the best. Dr. Hassan & Dr. Shaheed is a good choice in my opinion. I guess they will beat Maumoon.