Friday, October 3, 2008

Who can lead the Maldives for a better tomorrow?

By Mohamed A. (A Maldivian student abroad)

Dr. Hassan and Dr. Shaheed cannot rule the Maldives for the people, because they were once part of a corrupt regime. They inherited that philosophy. They left the government and formed a group because they were opportunists who wanted to get power badly by hook or crook. They are taking credit for a reform movement initiated by Anni with support from the people who are against the dictatorial rule of Maumoon.

Maumoon is talking about taking Maldives to new heights. He ruined the Maldives for the last 30 yrs. He never wanted Maldivians to progress; and to prevent this he gave a blind eye to the drug mafia actively destroying each and every household in the Maldives. This is his way of staying in power.

The development that took place in the Maldives was only foreign aid. Most of the schools were constructed with Japanese aid, Social Center with Japanese aid, and Regional hospitals with foreign aid. Now he is planning to make a deal on Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital with a Singapore firm. How can he improve medical services without spending on medical education and training doctors? Last 20 years there were many school leavers who wanted to become doctors. But he did nothing for them. Because of his education and development policy Maldives lacks skilled persons in every field. People were made to work like bonded laborers where they cannot make the ends meet with the salary. Those who could steal the public money they stole to make the ends meet.

There is nothing in Maldives that people are happy about. The country has become a hell to live and raise a family.

I am a student studying abroad. The last Republic day I was in Maldives and viewed a programme telecast by TV Maldives. The programme was produced on the basis of some research done on former president the late Mohamed Amin Didi by Maldives Historical Research Center. The programme was based on an article written by Mohamed Amin on his vision for the Maldives.

After viewing the programme I believe that the father of modern democracy in the Maldives is President Mohamed Amin. In his vision he planned to introduce modern education to Maldives, give education and rights to women. He also planned to provide college education in the Maldives. And also he mentioned in his vision to introduce party system politics to Maldives. He completed 20% of the work he mentioned in the vision within the first year of his rule.

After viewing this programme I now believe the presidents that the Maldivians got after late President Amin Didi, especially Maumoon, are none but only dictators.

During my holiday in Male' I also visited some of my friends. Most of them live in one room homes. Most of the families living in Male' have to live and sleep in only one room with grown up boys and girls. Most of them have gone to drugs. There is no life for them. The little income these families earn goes to drugs.

The Islamic scholars now enter politics and confuse the public regarding religion. One day they say Maumoon is not a Muslim of Sunni sect and the other day they go to court. These Islamic scholars, don't they have anything better to do instead of mixing religion and politics? It looks like everyone is hungry to become president.

The country needs people like Anni who have the strength to face the dictator, who have the courage to challenge the dictator's regime and who can lead the Maldives for a better tomorrow. The country will change for the better if he is elected to lead the Maldives for the next 5yrs.

[Note: This article was submitted by a student, Mohamed A., and so the contents are his responsibility. This blog will consider for publication articles that are constructive, avoid obscene language and do not needlessly launch personal attacks on individuals or communities.]


Anonymous said...

How could you say Mohamed Amin was a father of anything? He stole and used death money of Adduans who were killed by Japs.Second world war tribunal found tht Japanees killed number of addu maldivian sea men and the compensation money was granted to mohamed Amins government. He ate that money and made a big fortune out of it. He was a no body. After amin didi, Naisr got power. he pillaged and killied hundreds of Havaruthinadhoo people. Some senior members of current goverment are war criminals including Mr. Mamoon. Mamoon was then transport minister during the Havarthinadhoo killings. So Mamoon is also a terrorist

Anonymous said...

Don't beleive you Mr. anonymous1. Crap.

I agree with the student. Go Vote Anni.

Anonymous said...

It is beyond absurdity that three new Maldivian musketeers (Hassan, Shaheed and Jameel) are now claiming that were behind our new found liberty and freedom. Do they really think we have forgotten their role in maintaining the regime of the Dictator Maumoon. Say NO to the musketeers and GO VOTE for ANNI. A vote for Anni is a vote for the reform movement. A vote for MDP and a vote for party politics.

Anonymous said...

Mr. & Mrs. Anonymous: you guys are so Maldivian. There is no religion except Islam and all others are doomed & there's no other human worthy of any respect other than Anni and those who have are doomed. If you are so democratic, let the people vote for whom they feel is the right candidate, not follow you like you guys followed Maumoon all this while.

Anonymous said...

Amin as father of Maldives? u must be kidding. Nasir delivered independence to us. To us there is nothing bigger than our freedom.If anyone looks in to the history, we are experiencing the fruits Nasir gave us. If TVM is to produce a programme on Nasir, we wil be able to see much more stuff Nasir did to us for the betterment of a country as a whole. He was a torturer just like the rest of the leaders we saw. But one thing he did have for the country was a vision. and he delivered it.

Anonymous said...

I do not see any reason why religion and politics should be separate. This may be the view of other religions but as far as I know in Islam religion cannot be separated from politic. This is for the simple reason that Islam is a complete way of life.

Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 1.24

death money given to Adduans killed by Japs? lol. Even the British are still waiting for compensation from the Japs! And you think they would have given compensatoin to the Maldivians? Dont make me laugh!

Check your facts before you throw accusations. Check this link

I do not agree that Amin was the father of modern Maldives. I think he had vision but the title ought to go to President Nasir. Amin may have laid a few stones of the foundation of modern Maldives but it was Nasir who completed the rest and started building on it. He is the one who truly deserves the title of the father of modern Maldives.

Anonymous said...

We analyze politics at the same level as kids. And I am surprised that even the so called intellectuals do not fully grasp the picture.

As much as some like it to be, the issue in the election is not Maumoon. It is not even about the election of a president. This election is all about bringing a much desired correction to the system. We are in the process of adjusting to a new equilibrium.

And what is it, you may ask?

The world has changed rapidly in the last 10 years with new technology, internet, mobile phones, cable TV, cheap travel in a tsunami of globalization. We are now part of the global culture, for which we are making the adjustment. This requires a serious upgrade of the political system - you don't do it by blaming Maumoon. Infact Maumoon is not even a factor here.

We are witnessing a global change that demands an equivalent change to our attitudes and lifestyles. Out with the tried, tested and failed methods and in with the values and aspirations of Generation X.

This is not a time to be nostalgic about the past people such as Amin Didi and Nasir. There are also not without their share of blame in maintaining our present feudal power structure.

Power is not about right or wrong. It is about sustainability of the current system, which has been in Maldives for centuries.

Now with globalization and with new rules, even Maldives is forced to change. No one can hold it back.

Question is who is best to lead this. None of the candidates have proven credentials to do this. Who is talking about new technology and new ways of doing things?

Even USA and Europe are changing and adjusting to the new reality. But our learned Phd people are talking of copying their systems which they themselves are questioning now.

Our present situation demands a good statesman who is able to articulate the values and aspirations of our new generation. That is the future.

The future cannot be determined by the values of the middles aged people, because they are just as clueless as kids.

Anonymous said...

True, a lot of voters are confused as most of the parties have more common agendas with the religion as their number one point.

So until there are differences, it's better to choose the lesser evil.

Anonymous said...

I think Maumoon is a factor for people who know the real Maumoon and what he has done to the people of Maldives. He is not to be a president of any country for that matter I think. I agree with you its the system which need to be corrected but have we been able to do it the way we like as long as he is in power.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Mr. Ibrahim Ismail is a good statesman who is able to articulate the values n the aspirations of our people and the new generation. I too believe that today is not a day when the small party has to go the helping hand of the big party. But it is the time when the big party accepts the facts and the truth behind everything what the people have gone through. And it is a one of the most important thing to accept the fact that Ibrahim Ismail has to be the president of MDP or the MDP joins Liberal Party. If we dont accept this I believe we might have to regret. Saeed, Shaheed and all these Ministers taking a break and are people assisting Maumoon to get the votes divided in order to win!?

Anonymous said...

I think you should check the facts..the guy who posted a link and is wetting his pants laughing..

Its not hearsay that Amin Didi got compensation for the crew Yaahuinbaras, its fact..
ask ur daddy

Anonymous said...

I have serious doubts about Anni's ablity to lead this country. True, he has stood up to the dictator, but then there are many others who did.

I do not think Anni has a proper grasp of the problems the country is facing. He certainly has not shown in his manifesto that he is able to make sense of the mess the country is in.

He has time and again shown very poor judgement, that is unbecoming of a future president

ali said...

thanks Mohamed A, m also student studyin in malaysia. i came here n first time i breath..... n feel free atmosphere. conjested male' n poor 'raajjethere' kills me. i dont know y our people sellin their votes to few money.
my advise s vote for a change.. n our only hero is Anni. before i like hassan, but now hassan usin corupt, greedy businemen's money

Anonymous said...

First OUR country and we will deal with rest later. Vote for MDP-Iththihaadh-thanks Nazeer Jamaal for your kind advise. We honor your words.